Legend of the Red Dragon - Wish List
» New wish submitted by Sentinel
A way to export all the player stats and any other variable data to text files...
» More powerfull command line submitted by Dotel
I'm running a Linux/Dos Hybrid BBS. Lord would run fine if I could force it to run "local" but pass user infomation to game. example Lord.exe \%node\% \%user\% /local this way multi-users can all log in as "local" on diffent emulated sessions. But not have lord ask for your user name, which would lead to major cheating.
» server > client structure submitted by jason
I'd like to see an 'interbbs' version of lord that is just LIKE lord. no more goofy igms that pretend the bridge the gap. A way to connect ALL the lord games together. perhaps if the lord games could connect to a certain server, and these participating sysops would contribute a small fee per year for server costs[?]
» more levels in lord, etc submitted by jason
I'd like to see more levels in lord, more bosses and perhaps a built in 'lord cops' style of stat reducer for people that sit at the top level with 2 billion exp
» List of active lord games submitted by MrGriff
I wish this site had a linked list of bbs's that can be accessed by a telnet applet. A list that advertises the types of lord games available at each site and gets tested occasionally to make sure the links still work. So far I have only found 2 sites that I can play at, and only one that I have been able to successfully enroll in. For everyone that is looking that site is: serion.thebbs.org/connect.php If anyone knows anyothers please let me know. Thanks, MrGriff
» @mrgriff submitted by theamazingJason
"I wish this site had a linked list of bbs's that can be accessed by a telnet applet." Sadly, Mrgriff, that telnet applet is sub par and riddled with problems. Display and input issues are two i can think up at this hour. You can telnet into a system quite easily with a client. you can use windows telnet client or use mtelnet at http://ozone.eesc.com there are many clients to choose from. regarding bbses that run lord, and you only finding 2.. well, you're not trying hard enough :D http://telnetbbsguide.com/brieflist.asp Please give a telnet client a try, you probably will enjoy it more than that garbage java applet.
» Android submitted by AnalAvenger
Make a decent Mobile version with a big central server or smaller regional server lists that can try to build small local groups. Any modern phone can certainly handle LORD graphics, and boy, what a large market.
» Vista submitted by dmanca
How do i download LORD if i have vista 32 bit
» 64 bit version for windows submitted by viniken
plz make it 64 bit.. i want to play this game..
» Windows7 64-Bit submitted by ShadowRune
Please have a compatible version for windows 7 (64-bit) operating systems. This will help a lot to revitalize this great game.
» 3D LOTRD submitted by hexploit
A graphical 3d lotrd mmo...even if built for a pc server type basis would be great
» Windows 7 Compatible version submitted by Sylentes
I would pay money to have a windows 7 compatible version. Have a few friends that used to play back in the day that would love a copy as well...
» Lord telnet list submitted by 3dham
You can find over 100 BBSs with L.O.R.D. here: http://www.3dham.com/telnet/
» TUTORIAL submitted by dracofireslayer
» L.O.R.D In Browser! submitted by LePotato
» DOSbox compatible submitted by mrcorpse6
i agree you wont make it 64 bit, but you should make it DOSbox compatible.
» regarding running lord submitted by mro1337
if you want to run lord on a 64 bit os, you can do so via dosbox; it runs fine in dosbox. otherwise you can run lord locally or run it on your own telnet bbs if it is running on a 32bit os. you can also call a bbs running lord: http://telnetbbsguide.com http://bbslist.bbses.info some of these bbses use flashterm or ftelnet which allow you to play via your browser. telnet clients: windows/osx/linux http://syncterm.bbsdev.net/ windows/os2 http://mt32.bbses.info
» Mobile App submitted by Krelhus
Would pay for a mobile version. Specifically Apple App Store. This is the type game I think many of us are looking for. No nickel and dime or having to wait for each action.
» Wah submitted by QueenZORA
I wish this actually worked.
» android app submitted by PMPeetaMellark
Would like a android app
» Linux submitted by Batarjal
More and more, I'm seeing BBSs running in Linux. Further, Ambroshia supposedly has a Linux port and Usurper is open source, so it can be ported to Linux if it hasn't already. A Linux port of LORD would fit into the environment better than clumsily using DOSBox, DOSEmu, and friends to interface it with Synchronet or Mystic BBS (to list just a couple BBSs with native Linux ports).
» 4.08 win32 submitted by dream master
i would like to see 4.08 win32 and have the source worked on or a clone of LoRD released with a different name and characte names ;)
» Bug Fixes submitted by Ioram Sette
I wish bugs from v4.07 and v4.08beta were fixed. Mainly the one that exits the game if the user was killed on the last time it played.
» Original Amiga version submitted by Crackerjak
I wish I could find the original AmigaOS version so I can have it run on my C-Net BBS. I do have the BBSLink version available but would LOVE to have the original! Can you email me a copy if you have it? crkrjak2001@yahoo.com Thanks TONS if you do!
» Regenerative Fried Chicken submitted by Dachan
My greatest wish is to discover some enchanted piece of delicious, crispy fried chicken, which magically regenerates itself every time you take a bite. It would instantaneously grow back, thus giving you a permanent lifetime supply of fried chicken. Also, the magic would keep it eternally hot and crispy. This wish is objectively the best thing a person could wish for, and is better than your wish, no matter what it is. Because even if your wish came true, you wouldn't have an eternal supply of fried chicken.
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