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The King is dead, long live the king?

TLDR version:

The future of Lord, Lord2, and Teos is uncertain and is dependant on Gameport. New registrations don't appear to be possible. Same for retrieving older registrations. If you already have reg codes for Lord2 or Teos, they should still work. Nothings changed there. If you have reg codes for Lord, they should still work as well, depending on the version. Codes meant for 4.07 don't work for prior versions, and codes meant for 4.06 or earlier won't work for 4.07.

Long version:

Lord, Lord2, and Teos are still indeed owned by Gameport. In the past, I've tried several times to buy the games from them. But each time, they said no. No idea why.

Gameport themselves, however, appears to have gone MIA. Many people have emailed me, saying the same thing, that Gameport isn't responding to emails. Some people have said that they've snail mailed registration info and money to Gameport but still didn't hear anything.

Gameport doesn't respond to my emails anymore either. Matter of fact, I tried calling them maybe 2 months ago (Oct 2013) and the 3 different people I talked to didn't even know of Gameport or Lord. That is: They didn't know of the names or software and (seriously!) suggested that I was calling the wrong company.

This puts Lord, Lord2, and Teos (as well as all of the other Gameport properties like MajorMud) into a rather wierd spot. The company doesn't support the software anymore ("adandonware"), but the company does still exist and does still legally own the copyrights. Combined, this makes them "greyware" (I think that's the term)..

And that puts me in a wierd spot. Since I have the sources, I can create reg codes generators and then generate codes for people. But since I don't legally own the copyrights, I could get into legal trouble if I did. Since I have a wife, kids, a house payment and all of that, I'm hesitant to press my legal luck.

Which brings me to the last bit. Lord, Lord2, and Teos were developed using Turbo Pascal, a 16bit compiler that creates 16bit binaries. I don't have a 16bit machine anymore so I cant just hit "recompile" anymore. At one time, I did port Lord to 32bit (win32, nix and os2).. but I had a hard drive crash and lost part of that source. I could recreate the missing pieces, but since Gameport is MIA, no one would be able to register it. And since I can't get ahold of Gameport, I can't get permission to release a new version (in the past, I had to have their oversight / involvement at least to a minor degree)

All things combined, it seems the futures of Lord, Lord2, and Teos are in a wierd spot. Maybe even a bad spot. If things ever change with Gameport, then maybe things can change for the games. Until then, I just don't know.

Posted by Michael Preslar, 2013-12-02 1:30pm
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