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A note to female players/characters:
I have tried to cover everything that is different about playing the game as a female charachter. I have sometimes played on BBSs as a female charachter, and have often played in test games as a female charachter, but since I usually play as a male charachter it is possible that I may have missed something. If you know of an aspect of playing as a female charachter that I haven't covered, please let me know. You can reach me via EMAIL: 3dham@3dham.com

Super level 2/3 players

For those who aren't into killing the dragon numerous times, there is an alternative. Generally a level two or three player is not much of a threat. But just imagine a level 2 or 3 player with a death sword and armor of lore! Puts a different perspective on it, doesn't it? Now further imagine that the level 2 or 3 player has 1000 or more hitpoints. How can this be? Well there are a few methods which don't involve the use of IGMs. (with IGMs things even more rediculous than this can sometimes be quite easily accomplished!)

First, that Death sword and Armor of lore. If large bank transfers are enabled, you can get the cash from an ally, perhaps gathering it at level 12 then transferring it to your ally just before killing the red dragon. [obviously, you'll lose whatever you have on hand or in the bank when you kill the dragon] If bank transfers are not enabled or are severely limited (use the "1" command) then you'll have to get the gold through the most powerful force in the universe, compund interest! The amount of time it takes to get 1 million in gold will vary a lot depending on the game settings. Once you get there, however, interest alone will turn the 1 million into 800 million in about 70 days. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes when you ask seth able to sing he will double your bank account. Every time this happens it will take about 7 days off the time needed to get to 800 million. With a little luck, you could be there in about a month!

Ok, what about those extra hitpoints? Well, that's why you continue fighting in the forest even though the amount of gold and experience gained through the fights are insignificant compared to what you already have. You get gems through killing things, more likely if you kill them with special skills, through stumbling upon them, through rescuing the maidens/men, through asking a fairy for a blessing, etc. You can get 1 Max HP by giving a gem to the old hag whenever she pops up. Failing that, you can get 1 Max HP for every two gems from the bartender at the inn. Sometimes you can get extra gems by killing players who are holding gems.

As you might imagine, a player pulling this stunt can cause a great deal of frustration to higher level players, especially if he stays at the inn where he can attack them but they can't attack him! Many people who haven't heard of this technique will be mystified by level 2 or 3 playerss who can so easily kill the toughest of level 11 and level 12 players. Of course, the secret lies not only in the the death sword and armor of lore, but in the lower level player's ability to use offensive special skills in combat. Of course, having a fairy helps too!

If you find yourself frustrated by these players, who often have over a billion experience points and like to stay at then inn, the only way to deal with them is to hire one as a hitman or become one yourself.

One last thing remains. Do you play as level two or level three? There are plusses and minuses either way. If you play level three you will be able to gather gems faster. You won't be able to attack level one players staying at the inn, but it might be some consolation that they can't talk to the bartender and so can't attack *anyone* staying at the inn. If you play at level two you won't get gems as quickly, especially from the maidens/men, but you will be able to use offensive skills against level 3 players and you will be able to attack level 1 players staying at the inn who, being level 1 players, won't be able to turn their gems in to the bar tender and will probably be carrying some. However, being level one players they usually won't have very many gems.


You can get children by marrying violet/sethable. You can also have children by marrying other players, though not as frequently. Single female players will also occasionally have children. For every child you have you will get one extra forest fight. This is figured before the 25% extra for having a horse, so if you have 8 children *and* you have a horse, your children will give you 10 extra forest fights.

You will sometimes lose a child by having the child get in your way in the forest. The child will wipe out half of your enemy's damage points and then be killed. This seems to happen most frequently when you have more than 12 children, somewhat less frequently when you have 7-12 children and rarely if ever when you have 1-6 children. This seems to happen only with enemies who are capable of doing some damage to you, though not necessarily capable of killing you.

Disease Sometimes when you enter the game for the first time in a day you will get a message about having some disease. This just means that an embarrasing note will appear in the daily log and you will have to be healed because your current HP will drop to 1.

Profanity checking
Certain words, when they are put in the various LORD messages, are converted to other words. "dick", for example, is coverted to "richard", "bitch" is converted to "she dog", etc. This is controlled by a file called "BADWORDS.DAT". This file is straight ASCII and selfexplanatory, thus it can be easily eliminated or modified at the sysop's discretion. It should be noted that few sysops bother to tamper with this file, indeed, most sysops don't even know that it is there! The profanity checking involves a simple comparison and can be easily defeated by slight misspellings and color codes.

The monsters in the forest have different names, HP, defense, offense, etc. This information is contained in a data file called LENEMY.DAT. Though it isn't all straight ASCII, the format is fairly simple and can easily be modified. A number of utilities are available designed to display and modify this information. Some premade replacement files are also available for giving a LORD game a custom "flavor". Some of these packages also include replacement ANSI and RIP files. The file called MONSTER.TXT shows the available stats on the standard monsters. I could not find a defense stat for the monsters.

I have found that at various levels certain monsters are especially dangerous. The following will be some general advice on monsters, listed by levels:

Level one - If you have upgraded to heavy coat then none of the monsters are a real threat. If you haven't then you'll have to heal yourself after each fight.

Level two - None of the monsters are especially dangerous, particularly if you have upgraded to dagger and heavy coat.

Level three- Watch out for Bone and Winged demon of death.

Level four - Watch out for Rockman

Level five - Silent death can be just that, especially if he pulls a powermove on you!

Level six - Belar can take you by surprise sometimes.

Level seven - This is where they really start getting mean! If you aren't well equipped Goliath and Swiss butcher can be quite deadly!

Level eight - King Vidion can ruin your whole day!

Level nine - Be careful of Scallion Rap and especially Earth Shaker

Level ten - Sweet looking little girl may *look* sweet but looks can be deceiving!

Level eleven - Most of the monsters are mean at this level, but be especially careful of Mountain and Shadowstorm warrior

Level twelve - Corinthian Giant is a genuine challenge and Mutant black widow is also pretty dangerous. Most of the other monsters will be a hazzard only if you are using Crystal Shard and Magic Protection or less. Humongus black wyre is a delight, not only will it seldom do much damage, it is alsow orth over 600K gold!

Thanks to Seth Able who wrote Legend Of the Red Dragon.

Thanks to Luke Sathers who wrote what up to now has been "the" FAQ for LORD. No doubt many have been inspired to play by his FAQ. I myself was inspired to write this FAQ not so much by his FAQ but by the lack of updates to it.

Thanks to Richard Troiano who wrote one of the earliest help files. Though I didn't use it in the production of this FAQ, it is possible that some of the tips I received from various sources originated from his file.

Thanks to Janne Terava who helped me clarify a few things.

aka Also Known As
APOI And Proud Of It
btw By The Way
cod collect on delivery
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - usually with answers (hopefully correct ones!) in the case of this FAQ the term is used broadly rather than in a strictly literal sense as this is not just a list of questions and answers.
IGM In Game Module a program which runs from a special menu in L.O.R.D. and "enhances" or alters the game, not necessarily for the better!
(later) This will be explained later or more details will be given later
LORD Legend Of the Red Dragon
misc miscellaneous
TLORD Tournament Legend Of the Red Dragon
WTLORD Wildcat Tournament Legend Of the Red Dragon


A lot of people have been asking me about hints/tip/"cheats" for IGMs. There are hundreds if not thousands of IGMs and there is no way I could throughly test even a dozen of them, let alone all of them! I have also had a few people leaving suggestions about this IGM or that IGM.


*****special announcement*****
I am now taking contributions of tips, etc. regarding specific IGMs which will be included in a separate file called IGMTIPS.TXT The rules for inclusion in this file are as follows:

#1 contributions will be sent via email to: igms@3dham.com

#2 contribitions will be sent in plain ASCII as part of the message *not* as an attached file.

#3 the contributor will receive no compensation other than having their name mentioned as the contributor. The name must appear within the body of the contribution, preferably as a title at the begining.

#4 I will not settle any disputes about who contributed what first.

#5 I reserve the right to exclude material that in my judgement is superfluous, or in some way offensive.

#6 complaints about what is or isn't in IGMTIPS.TXT will most likely be ignored.

#7 Neither I nor the contributors are in any way liable for the use of the material. You use it at your own risk!

#8 Material contained in IGMTIPS.TXT does not in any way have my endorsement

The following IGM tricks work only with DOS L.O.R.D., not with any version of TLORD (including WTLORD) or with Lord version 4+.

Instant Wealth!
Some IGMs will allow you to get a negative amount of cash onhand, usually by not checking to see if you have enough gold to buy something. (Axehandler's Battlegrounds, for example, will sell you a "technology" through the alchemist even if you don't have the gold to pay for it!) If you return to the game from an IGM and find that you have a negative amount of gold, just exit back to the BBS and then enter lord again before somebody has a chance to kill you. You should now have 2 billion in gold!

Fast Breeder was just the beginning!
You might have thought that if naming your weapon/armor gives you an extra child every time you press "V" from the main menu, then there are probably other things you can do. You're right!

First, let's explain what is going on with the "fast breeder bug". Lord uses something called "mail codes". These are used in messages to players so that an IGM can alter a player's stats without directly accesing LORD's data files. They are sent as a message to the player upon returning from the IGM. These codes are suppresed if you try to send them in a message to yourself or others so don't bother trying. A list of these codes can be found in LORDSTRC.PAS which is included with the game.

For reasons which are unknown to me, these codes also work if they are the name of your weapon/armor and are activated by pressing V to view your stats. However, if the code requires a number, the number winds up being 0 even if you try to include another number! This nullifies the effect of most of these codes when they are used in this way. There are, however, a number of codes that do work:

Name of weapon/armor effect when viewing stats
`K gain a child
`{ get laid (no announcement)
`} gain a charm point
`S gain a point in current skill (up to 40 skill points)

You can also receive romantic invitations from player #0 (regardless of that player's sex and marital status) which you can accept or reject with the usual consequences:

`T flirtation
`Y kiss
`U go to dinner
`I get laid
`P marriage proposal

By player #0 I mean the player with account number 0. This will usually be the first player who enters the game after it is started or reset. If this player was deleted you will do these things with "X". If you like playing jokes on people, you can have all kinds of fun by changing your name and using these codes!

If you are player #0 you might feel that you're being picked on, but there is one code that only player #0 can use!

`O get in an online duel with yourself!

This has no effect if you are not player #0, but if you are player #0 you can have an online duel with yourself every time you view your stats. If you do this you will not die and no message will appear in the daily log but:

Your gold onhand will be doubled
Your experience will increase 50%
Your gems will increase 50%

Be careful that your gems don't go over 32767 as this will result in a negative amount of gems!

There are at least two undocumented mail codes which can be substituted for their uppercase equivalents. Some IGMs filter out the documented codes in weapons/armor but not the undocumented ones, so if "`K" doesn't work try "`k" and if "`O" doesn't work try "`o".

NOTE: The instant wealth trick, the fast breeder bug and the other bugs involving renaming your weapon/armor no longer work as of version 4.0. There have been reports that the instant wealth trick still works under certain circumstances, I haven't been able to replicate this.


As mentioned above, the more useful bugs involving negative numbers and the mail codes (including the undocumented ones) were fixed with version 4.0/4.0a. There have been reports that certain IGMs no longer work with version 4.0 or cause it to generate runtime errors. I'll tell you more about this later as details become available.

There is a new event in the forest involving a black jack game. There seems to be a limit of 5000 gold in winnings per trip so it won't be especially useful beyond level 8 or 9 but might be an important factor at lower levels if you are really good at it.

In prior versions Olivia would sometimes recognize somebody as having been mean to her even though that player had never met her before. This was apparently caused by grudges inherited from a player in the same slot number in the game before it was reset. This could be cured by deleting PLAYEXT.DAT

In Version 4.0/4.0a this problem is fixed by properly initializing PLAYEXT.DAT but the game has to be reset for this to happen, so if you are upgrading a game from 3.55 to 4.0/4.0a you might want to delete PLAYEXT.DAT. This doesn't disrupt the game.

I consider this FAQ a work in progress. Although it is, I believe, the most complete and uptodate FAQ for LORD, it is far from perfect. I do intend to make updates and/or revisions. There is no set time table, however.

I will endeavor to get the latest revisons posted in prominent Webpages on the internet. Hopefully BBSs around the country will follow suit. This will require the cooperation of a lot of other people so remember that there is only so much I can do!

My main webpage is located at: www.3dham.com

This FAQ in available in HTML at: www.3dham.com/online.html

The latest version can be downloaded directly at: www.3dham.com/lordfaq.zip

You can also find it at: www.softcom.net/users/3dham

If you find an error or something you think should/shouldnot be included in this FAQ feel free to send me EMAIL to:


You can also write to:

John A Elson
PO BOX 614
Carmichael CA 95609

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