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{F}[B] [hidden] (Bank your gold?)
This generates a message about merrily tossing your bag of gold into the air and having a vulture grab it. The first couple of times I did this I accidently pushed B and thought the gold was gone. Eventually I realized that it had been taken to the bank. This is very convenient, it saves going back to the main menu and then going to the bank then going back to the main menu and going back to the forest. Making this a hidden key is yet another example of Sethable's odd sense of humor. After using this hidden option a few times you'll wonder how you got along without it.

{F}[V] [hidden] (View your stats)
This hidden key serves the same purpose as "V" from the main menu. It is handy for showing your stats while in the forest in case, for example, you want to know when you have the experience needed to challenge your master (see T in main menu) and advance to the next level. This saves you the trouble of having to go back to the main menu.

The jennie codes are truly one of the great secrets of L.O.R.D. Most seasoned players know at least a couple of the jennie codes, but few are aware that it is sometimes possible to do the jennie trick several times in one day.

{F}[jennie] [hidden]
This works only if you are in "high" spirits. The game tells you if you are in high or low spirits when you first enter the game. There is a way, through one of the forest events, to get in high spirits. (see olivia)

Also, once you do this or start to do this you will be put in "low" spirits. You can do it again, however, if olivia puts you back in "high" spirits. Thus, it may be possible to do this several times in one day if you're really lucky. You can also do it again after you kill the red dragon.

Just type the name "jennie" while in the forest. You'll have to type blindly, the letters won't show up as you type them. If you see each letter followed by some kind of message as you try to type it, then either you've started to do it before or you are in low spirits. You'll know when it's working because the letters won't be echoed to the screen.

When you successfully type "jennie" you'll get the message "jennie? Jennie Garth? define her:"
Here is a list of what you can type and the result:

babe extra forest fight
cool extra charm point (if HP below max)
dumb scolded
dung turned into a frog (try it, it's funny!)
fair "excited" lose chance to flirt with player
foxy you get a gem (big wow!)
hott "energized" you get 20% more than your max hitpoints, lasts until you take damage below max or until you get healed or until the next day
lady you get some gold (level*1000)
nice duh (nothing special)
sexy extra user fight
star  duh (nothing special)
ugly  "slapped" kicked out of game, 1 HP when you return

{F} [S] [hidden]
Search for the red dragon. This won't work unless you are level twelve. You can either (A)ttack the red dragon or (R)un away. Once you push A you won't be able to attack the dragon again until tomorrow. Being killed by the dragon has the usual consequences of getting killed.

If you attack the dragon, you can use all your special skills against him. You might want to enter the "jennie" code "hott" and get extra hit points before you attack him. A fairy (see forest events) would also come in handy!

If you have the use points available, I recommend first using the light shield then the shatter. After this use Death Knight or Thieving skills. With good use of these tips it is fairly easy to defeat the dragon with only a blood sword and golden armor. It is sometimes possible to defeat him with crystal shard and magic protection. While having a fairy helps, it isn't always necessary.

Killing the red dragon is often seen as the ultimate goal of L.O.R.D., but some people are so shocked by what happens afterward that they decide never to do it again!

If you defeat the dragon your character will be reset. You will be back to level one with only 500 gold. You will also have 10 gems, but you won't be able to turn them in for elixirs until you get to level two. Your weapon will be a stick and your armor will be a coat. All the gold in your bank will be gone. You will keep your special skills, charm, children and marital status. You will now have the number of forest fights you would normally have for the day. If you wrote romantic mail to a player before you killed the dragon, you will be allowed to do it again now, thus you can sometimes do this twice in one day. If you had a fairy and didn't use it, you will still have it. Any special skill points you used will still be used up until tomorrow.

Your name will be added Turgon's list of heroes which shows how many times players have killed the red dragon. If the game is not set to run indefinitely then you will "win" the game if your total "deeds" reaches the total shown on the configuration screen. (press 1 from the main menu).

Once you've killed the red dragon you may decide to climb the ladder and do it all over again or you might decide to hang around at level 2 or 3 and really annoy people. More on that in the "misc" section.


As I mentioned earlier, there are a number of events that can occur in the forest. These can happen when you look for something to kill. As mentioned earlier, sometimes nothing happens when you Look for something to kill. This may be an undefined event number, or it could be a result of Seth Able's odd sense of humor. I'll let you decide for yourself which is more likely.

I will now list the known forest events in no particular order:  I Gems
Every once in a while you will stumble upon a gem.

II Gold
Every once in a while you stumble upon a sack full of gold. The amount of gold depends on your current level. It generally isn't very significant, especially compared to what the average forest fight is worth at the higher levels.

III The old man
Every once in a while you meet up with an old man. If you help him find his way, you will lose a forest fight but he will give you some gold (the amount is your level times 500), and you will gain a charm point. If you decide not to help him you'll see a message designed to make you feel ashamed of yourself but you won't lose anything.

IV Ugly stick/Pretty stick
Occasionally you will be hit with a stick. The ugly stick will cause you to lose 1 charm point. The pretty stick will cause you to gain 5 charm points.

V The old hag
Sometimes you'll run into an old hag who will ask for a gem. If you refuse nothing in particular will happen. If you give her a gem you will be healed and your max Hit Points will go up by one. This is a better deal than the bar tender gives. If you offer a gem but don't have any gems your current HP will be reduced to 1 and you'll have to get healed.

VI Fairies
This is one of the more useful events in the forest. When you encounter a group of fairies bathing you will be given the choice of asking for a blessing or trying to catch one. If you try to catch one and fail your current HP will drop to 1. If you succeed in catching a fairy then you will get an "extra life". If during a fight you lose all your HP then, instead of dying you will be healed back to your max HP! This works against all monsters, including the red dragon. It also works against your master and offline players but it does *NOT* work in online duels. You can have only one fairy at a time and each fairy can be used only once. If you leave the game you will lose your fairy. The fairies have another function in the bank, but only if you are a thief, see (Y)e old bank on the main menu.

If you Ask for a blessing, you will receive one! The blessings are not usually very useful, including a healing, getting small amounts of gems or experience, etc. One blessing, however, is especially useful: A companion for your travels.

The companion is a horse. When you are on horseback you can go to the darkhorse tavern at will. Your remaining forest fights will increase 25%. Unless IGMs are installed, this is the only way you can get a horse. You don't lose your horse when you leave the game or when you are reset after defeating the red dragon. There is a way to lose your horse though.

During battle, your enemy may throw a "crystal" or something at you and your horse will sacrifice itself. You will then "pummel" your enemy with blows. Usually your enemy will then be dead. Sometimes your enemy will still survive, but with 0 HP. One more blow will finish him off. Then end result is that your enemy will be dead but you will lose your horse! Bummer. This usually happens against forest monsters but it *can* happen against the dragon, making it real easy to kill. It can also happen against your master or even an offline player. As far as I know, however, it cannot happen during an online duel.

VII Dark horse tavern
This is well covered under the "T" command in the forest menu. This can also happen as an event even if you do have a horse. If the game is configured for a lot of forest fights this can sometimes be very annoying.

VIII Lessons
As mentioned before, lessons for the skill you are currently pursuing will occur as events in the forest. If you have already mastered your skill, and you are currently a thief or death knight you will get extra use points for today only instead of lessons. If you are currently a mystical skills student and have mastered mystical skills you will be given a lesson and if you are successful you'll get four use points for today only.

IX Merry men
Once in a while you encounter a group of merry men and are then "refreshed". If you weren't at maximum HP, you are now.

Olivia was an advertisement for an upcoming 3rd party IGM called "Wizard Stone", which never saw the light of day!

X Olivia
This is a "creepy event". The first time it happens you will be asked if you want to (G)et smart and leave it alone or (I)investigate further. If you investigate further you will (eventually) encounter a severed woman's head that is still alive! Her name is Olivia. You will then be given the option of (A)sking her who she is or (B)ooting her a distance.

If you boot her a distance you will sometimes be able to get some experience and a forest fight by playing head ball otherwise you can only apologize. The apology is never accepted.

If you ask her who she is (recommended) then you will gain a useful friend. In subsequent encounters one of several things can happen.

Most often you will get a choice between (G)etting inside her head and (A)sking for a kiss. If you get inside her head she will make a "Freudian slip" and tell you where to find the maiden/man (see maiden/man). If you Ask for kiss you will either be rebuffedor accepted, if you are accepted you will be in high spirits. If you are in low spirits or don't know whether you are in low or high spirits this will come in handy.

Sometimes Olivia will ask you if you want to mess around. If you do then usually you will get some experience and a note will appear in the daily log about how you walked out of the forest acting chipper. Despite what you may have heard, however, this does *not* put you in high spirits.

If you have a fairy, however, the results will be rather embarrassing! In the end you will lose your fairy, you'll get no experience, and a note will appear in the daily log about your fairy escaping.

After a few encounters Olivia will tell you more about her history and then the story will conclude with a message about the story being continued in an IGM called "Wizard Stone". At the time of this writing "Wizard Stone" has yet to see the light of day! According to Sethable, He put this in for a friend who was working on an IGM named Wizardstone, but gave up on it. Looks like we'll never know the rest of the story. Oh well, I guess it's like the lady and the tiger or the election at the end of the TV series "Benson". Perhaps several people will write their own conclusions and who knows, one of them might find it's way into a future version.

For female characters the experience with Olivia is a little different. Instead of (A)sking for a kiss you get the option of (C)onsoling her, which seems to work more reliably to put you in high spirits, but works only once per day. You also get the option of (D)oing her hair, which is basically equivalent to (A)sking for a kiss for male players.

XI Rescuing the maiden/man
This is where Olivia really comes in handy! As you go through the forest you will sometimes find a dead bird with a scroll. The scroll will have a message about a man/maiden being trapped in a tower somewhere. If you decide to save him/her you will find 5 choices of where to go. If you had an encounter with Olivia and she told you where to go, go there. Unless you've left the game this is where you want to go. Otherwise, You'll have to guess. After you've picked your option, there are three things that can happen (unless the BBS picks this moment to malfunction!).

#1 You pick the right place!
If you are a female character, you get some experience and some gems. If you are a male character, you get some experience, some gems and you get laid (unless "clean" mode is enabled).

#2 Oops, wrong place...
You see a bunch of people sitting around playing a game. No rescue, no experience, no gems, you don't get laid. That's life.

#3 Oh no, not that!
You don't find anyone, then you hear a voice coming from a trunk. In the trunk you find a troll man/woman. You then get "violated". You lose a bunch of hit points, requiring that you get healed. In case you're wondering, this doesn't count as a lay!
If "clean" mode is enabled, instead of getting "violated" you get the crap beaten out of you. The end result is the same.

The man/maiden will stay put until you leave the game or rescue him/her. If you haven't been clued in by Olivia you will probably want to just pick them in order until you get the right one or run out of forest fights, at which point you won't get any more chances to do the rescue. If you are successful the man/maiden will move to a new location at random. The new location could be any of the five choices, including the one where you just rescued the man/maiden, so don't think that he/she will always be somewhere else.

XII flowers
Occasionally you will stumble upon a patch of flowers. You will get an extra forest fight and if you wish you can "read" the flowers. This is yet another message area except that the first few messages are written by "fairies". If you decide to read the flowers, you'll get a chance to "write" in the flowers. As noted before, there are several "color" codes that work here that apparently don't work any where else.

XIII Hammerstone
You come upon the hammerstone and split it with your weapon. Your attack strength goes up by one point. Well, I guess every little bit helps.

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(K)ing Arthur's Weapons
Of course, it wouldn't be a good idea to fight all those monsters without some kind of weapon. Neverfear, King Arthur's Weapon's is here! Despite the name of this establishment, "Excalibur" is *NOT* the name of one of the weapons. There are a number of weapons to choose from though.

There are several things you can do here:
(B)uy a new weapon
(S)ell your weapon
(Y)our statistics
Now for more detail:

{K}(B)uy a new weapon
This option, as you might imagine, let's you buy a weapon (surprise!). It also brings up a list of available weapons and shows how much each weapon costs. Don't be too intimidated by the cost of the higher weapons, as you move up levels you get more for each forest fight, so you will eventually be able to buy that legendary "death sword".

The name of a weapon doesn't really matter, what counts is how much is added to your attack strength (offense) by having that weapon. With that in mind, I've prepared the following table:

Weapon number Weapon name  Price  offense added
1 Stick  200  5
2 Dagger  1,000  10
3 Short Sword 3,000  20
Long Sword 10,000 30
5 Huge Axe  30,000  40
6 Bone Cruncher  100,000  60
Twin Swords  150,000  80
8 Power Axe  200,000  120
9 Able's Sword  400,000  180
10 Wan's Weapon  1,000,000  250
11 Spear Of Gold  4,000,000  350
12 Crystal Shard  10,000,000  500
13 Niras's Teeth  40,000,000  800
14 Blood Sword  100,000,000  1200
15 Death Sword  400,000,000  1800

Note that to figure out how much will be gained by buying a certain weapon you must take into account the amount added by your current weapon which you must trade in. So if you upgrade from crystal shard to Nira's teeth your attack strength gain will be only 300. The attack strength from the weapon is simply added to the attack strength you have gained by advancing levels, turning in gems, etc.

{K} (S)ell your weapon
Before you can buy a new weapon you must sell the weapon you have. When you sell your weapon you'll get about half of what you paid for it. Sometimes you'll get a little more than half, maybe 60% or so.

{K} (Y)our statistics
This has the same function as "V" from the main menu.

{K} (R)eturn
This takes you back to the main men, and speaking of that...

[back to the main menu]

(H)ealer's hut
This has the same function as the healer's hut in the forest menu. You can, for some gold, heal yourself completely or partially heal yourself.

Ah yes, the famous inn! There are lot's of things you can do here, and each one brings up it's own submenu. So let's get on with it.

{I} (C)onverse with the patrons
This brings up another conversation. After you read the conversation you have the option of (C)ontinuing (going back to the inn menu) or you can (A)dd to the conversation. The normal color codes apply here.

{I} (F)lirt with violet
This brings up a sub menu, showing the various ways you can flirt with violet. You need to have a certain charm to "get away" with the action. Trying it without enough charm will get you rebuffed, and you'll lose varying amounts of HP. If you have enough charm to get away with taking violet upstairs you won't lose any HP but you won't always be successful either. If you are successful you will get credit for a lay. The other options always work if you have enough charm.

You get experience for successfully flirting with violet, this is equal to the base exp shown in the table below times your level.

You can flirt with violet only once per day. If someone is currently married to violet you will get a message about her ugly sister grizelda. Female characters can't flirt with violet but instead have the option of flirting with Sethable under the {I} (H) command.

Ok, enough of that. Here are the various options and how much charm you need to get away with them:

(N)evermind  0
(W)ink 5
(K)iss her hand  10
(P)eck her on the lips  20
(S)it her on your lap  8 30
(G)rab her backside  16  40
(C)arry her upstairs  32  40
(M)arry her  100  1000

If you marry Violet she will stay with you anywhere from 1 day to a couple of weeks depending on luck and your charm. During this time she may bear you one or more children, but in the end she will divorce you, though the log may say that you divorced her. Each child you have will give you one additional forest fight. Like horses, children can be lost when they get in your way in a fight. Unlike horses, children will wipe out 1/2 of your opponent's remaining hit points before getting killed.

When you become divorced from Violet your charm will drop to 50. Marriage to Violet lasts anywhere from 1 to 7 days under normal circumstances, though such marriages have, in rare cases, lasted 2 weeks or more.

{I} (G)et a room
This command lets you stay overnight at the inn. If your charm is less than 101 it costs you 400 times your level, thus a level 3 player would have to pay 1200. If your charm is 101 or more you stay for free. While staying overnight at the inn you are offered some protection. In order to kill you while you are at the inn a player must bribe the bartender (see the {IT} (B) command). A player who is up to 1 level higher than you are can attack you while you are at the inn, players who are 2 or more levels higher than you are cannot attack you while you are at the inn.

{I} (H)ear seth able the bard
This takes you to a character named after and possibly based on the author of the game. You can (A)sk seth able to sing or you can (R)eturn to the Inn menu. If you Ask seth able to sing you will get a kind of blessing similar in concept to what fairies offer.

Here is what you can get, in no particular order:

A healing
1-3 extra forest fights
a charm point
an extra user battle
1 more Max Hit Point
Your bank account doubled!

Usually the last one is considered the most useful and not surprisingly it seems to also be the rarest. You can successfully ask Sethable to sing only once per day.

Female characters can flirt with Sethable just as male characters can flirt with violet. The following table shows what you can do, the charm needed to pull it off and the exp you get for doing it. As with flirting with Violet, you get the base exp times your level for a successful flirtation.

(N)ever mind 
(W)ink  5
(F)lutter eyelashes  10
(D)rop hankee  20
(A)sk the bard to buy you a drink  8 30
(K)iss the bard soundly  16  40
(C)ompletely seduce the bard  32  40
(M)arry him  120  0

Note that this is similar to flirting with Violet, except that to marry Seth you need 120 charm and you get no experience for doing it. Also, when you get divorced from Seth your charm will drop to 30 instead of dropping to 50 as it does when you get divorced from Violet.

{I} (D)aily news
As you have probably guessed, this has the same function as the (D) command in the main menu.

{I} (T)alk to the bartender
If you are only level one, the bartender will not talk to you. If you are higher than level one this command will bring up another menu, with five different topics to talk about:

This will give you some advice about how violet is interested in those who are nice to old people.

This will give you the chance to trade your gems in for "elixirs". Each elixir will cost you 2 gems. If you just push enter, you will get the maximum number of elixir you can afford. [In previous versions you could trade in only 1 elixir at a time, what a pain that was!] After purchasing your elixir(s) you are asked what you want to trade them in for. You can choose Hitpoints (+1 max HP per elixir), Strength (+1 offense per elixir), or Vitality (+1 defense per elixir). If you just push enter you will usually get vitality.

This lets you attack players who are staying at the inn. The cost is your level times 1600 gold. You can attack a player if you are no more than 1 level higher than them. Thus,if you are level7 it will cost you 11200 gold to bribe the bartender, and you will be able to attack players staying at the inn who are level 6 or higher. If you accept the amount the bartender proposes you'll be shown a list of players available to attack. Note that this includes players which you cannot attack because your level is too high. If you change your mind about attacking a player you will get only half of your bribe back. Once you attack a player you will have to bribe the bartender again to attack another player.

(C)hange your name
You can change your alias in the game for your level times 500 in gold. All the normal color codes work in your name so be creative! Remember that the color codes count in the max characters allowed so plan carefully!

This will show up only when you reach level 12. Basically, it tells you to press "S" to Search for the red dragon.

(R)eturn to bar This takes you back to the Inn menu

{I} (V)iew your stats
This functions just like the (V)iew command from the main menu. 

{I} (M)ake an announcement
This lets you make an announcement in the daily log, just like the (M)ake command from the main menu.

{I} (R)eturn to town
This takes you back to the main menu. While we are on that subject...

[back to the main menu]

(Y)e old bank
This is where you can deposit gold so that you don't lose it when you get killed in a fight. You have four visible options:

(D)eposit gold
You can enter the amount you want to deposit or just push enter and deposit all your gold on hand.

(W)ithdraw gold
You can specify how much gold you want to take out or you can just push enter and take all of it out.

(T)ransfer gold to another player
The amount of gold per transfer and the number of transfers you can make is limited as shown in the stats brought up by pressing "1" from the main menu. You must specify the amount to be transferred and the player to transfer it to.

(R)eturn to the main menu
This takes you back to the main menu

WARNING: If the amount of gold you transfer to another player causes their total to go much over 2 billion they will wind up with a negative amount of cash. This will usually be converted to 200 million. This is the most serious bug I've found in L.O.R.D.!

Gold left in the bank will accumulate 10% interest for each new day that you enter the game. Interest is paid only on days that you actually enter the game. If your account goes over 2 billion then you will usually get a notice about not having enough room in your bank to pay interest. Sometimes, however, the above mentioned bug is invoked.

[2] [hidden]
If you are a thief and you have a fairy pressing 2 will allow you to rob the bank. The amount you can steal depends on your level and will vary somewhat. This will usually be about what you could earn in 3 or 4 forest fights. After robbing the bank for you, the fairy will go away. This is generally a waste of a good fairy, but since you will lose it anyway when you leave the game, this might be worth doing sometimes.

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