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Why this FAQ?

Having examined several players guides to L.O.R.D., I have found them to be severely lacking in several areas and most are hopelessly out of date. Since nobody else seemed to be able and/or willing to do better, I decided to do so myself.

Besides being out of date and incomplete (only vague information about weapons/armor, and no mention of Olivia, for instance), the existing FAQs seemed to be poorly organized in the sense that a lot of useless "fluff" was mixed in with the valuable information. They also included a lot of questionable tips which can best be described as "rumors" or perhaps "myths". This is why this FAQ contains several main text files:


These files will contain the bulk of the FAQ. This is material which is verified and, with a couple of exceptions which will be noted later, is truly useful.


This contains information which, while it may be interesting, is not especially useful. I put it in a separate text file for reasons mentioned above.

I have made every effort to verify tips that I've heard from other people. I have heard a lot of stories about hidden keys, bugs, etch. and much of it has turned out to be nonsense. There are some things which I haven't been able to verify, but haven't disproven either. These are also contained in this file.

"Just who are you?"

Many of you are probably wondering just who I think I am to be writing a FAQ about L.O.R.D. What makes me such an expert? What experience do I have that qualifies me to set about such a task? By what authority do I take up space? (yes, my sense of humor is somewhat similar to Seth Able's)

Like many of you I am an avid L.O.R.D. player. I am also a former sysop of a BBS that had over 140 doors. L.O.R.D. was one of the more popular doors on my BBS. My BBS was called STEREOWORLD and as sysop I was known as "3DHAM". As a former sysop I have a registered copy of L.O.R.D. and have used it to verify several "theories" as well as to gather specific information.

I have also had experience writing door game FAQs before. When someone suggested I write a FAQ of my own about PC in TW2002 after I pointed out several blatant errors in "the" FAQ about PC, I proceeded to do so. When a new version of TW2002 came out, I started writing a short file about some things others had missed and this soon turned into a fullfledged FAQ for the new version. It was called MYLIST. Though it wasn't as widely distributed as some of the FAQs others had produced (which were already badly out of date and becoming moreso), it was posted twice a month on the FIDO TW2002 conference and was often referred to and quoted in messages. In my experiments I discovered several new bugs and also developed new strategies. Many hotly debated subjects and "what if" situations were settled once and for all by my exhaustive experiments.

If You're still not convinced that I am qualified to write this FAQ, that's your problem! I guess you'll have to settle for the less than adequate and badly outdated FAQs others have produced. Good luck!

Finally, if you've heard of my work with TW2002 and you're expecting me to reveal several hot bugs or "cheats" for L.O.R.D., you'll be disappointed. The only major bug I've found involved the bank and it isn't useful. The only other bugs I've come across in L.O.R.D. involve the message base and those cute little messages the games shows at various times. I'll go into more detail about that later, for now let's just say that if you get "romantic" mail from another guy, don't read too much into it! Apparently Seth Able is not perfect, but he is a much better programmer than Gary martin!

What you will find in here is a lot of hot tips not found in other FAQs, including stuff that very few people know about. I will also go into more detail on subjects that have been only scantily covered before.

If you have suggestions, criticisms, compliments, etc. please send them to me via 3dham@3dham.com.

John Alan Elson WF6I A.P.O.I. 3dham@3dham.com, 3dham.com.

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