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Special Announcement
We are now taking contributions of tips, etc., regarding specific IGMs which will be included in a separate file called IGMTIPS.TXT. The rules for inclusion in this file are as follows:
  1. contributions will be sent via email to: e_maus@covingtononline.com Be sure to put "igm tips" in the subject line!
  2. contribitions will be sent in plain ASCII as part of the message *not* as an attached file.
  3. the contributor will receive no compensation other than having their name mentioned as the contributor. The name must appear within the body of the contribution, preferably as a title at the begining.
  4. I will not settle any disputes about who contributed what first.
  5. I reserve the right to exclude material that in my judgement is superfluous, or in some way offensive.
  6. complaints about what is or isn't in IGMTIPS.TXT will most likely be ignored.
  7. Niether I nor the contributors are in any way liable for the use of the material. You use it at your own risk!
  8. Material contained in IGMTIPS.TXT does not in any way have my endorsement.
Now on to the tips!:


  1. Disconnect from the BBS while in LORD, this may lock up the board but it will say you are online all of the time. Also, people cannot attack you.
  2. Use the I Want To Be A Werewolf! IGM to kill others horses and children.
  3. Sabotage a higher players weapons using The Anarchist IGM, then attack them.
  4. Use Thor's Backalley Bar (Shooters Table and Bar) to gain HP, Attack, and Def points.
  5. Use the Graveyard to gain exp and gold (sometimes 100 hp) buy digging up graves.

I play LORD on a BBS with over 50 IGM's, so I am always figuring out ways to get extra stuff. When I find out the usefullness of more IGM's, I will send them over.


Here are some of the IGM tricks I've successfully used.
-Robert A. Dubisch (radii@aol.com)

  1. Hiding behind a wall of kids
    If the IGM gives the option of buying kids, use that option liberally. Buy hundreds and hundreds of them! Not only do they give you tons of forest fights, but no one will be able to lay a finger on you! Whenever an opponent thinks he has a good lick in, he gets hit for half his hitpoints. You can use this trick to kill a Red Dragon a day as long as there is 10 million experience to be had amongst the other players! IGMs, I know with 'Orphanages' are Aladdin's Palace and Fairytown.
  2. Cold Storage
    Some IGMs allow you to store away things like horses and charm so you can pick them up later. You can store away charm after you marry Violet for example, so that if she ever divorces you, you can marry her back on the same day! Also you don't have to risk your horse while you are in the forest. Store it in the IGM and pick it up when you are through.

    The IGM I know with this storage feature is Player's Market. It also allows players a way to transfer more money than the bank normally allows by allowing a low level player to sell something trivial for an exorbitant price (such as a gem for 10 mil).

  3. The Negative Gold Trick
    In other words, take advantage of bugs. I've encountered more than one IGM that makes the gold you have negative. If that occurs, quit the game and go back on. You will find yourself with 2 billion gold that you can spend to your hearts desire. The same trick applies to experience. It may be rare with ordinary LORD, but IGM programmers tend to make mistakes...


    That's all for now, please submit your tips and if you want credit put your name in the *body* of the message!

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