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		Compiled by Suzanne Franklin (Kiteria)
		UPDATED  7/13/97 

		Most Special thanks to Bryan Turner SysOps of Pegasus Flight
		formally of RabbitLand II, for believing in me when I didn't 
		even know I existed! Love ya Sunshine!! ;)

		You are free to upload this file to any BBS and/or share 
		it with your friends.  All the author request is that 
		nothing be taken out of context without due credit to 
		the author, and that nothing be altered in anyway.


		In version 4 THE ORIGINAL, Find the bum, and give him 
		some money. Type in -2,000,000,000 for your amount.  
		You will be given 2 billion in hand.  The author 
		repaired this with version 5.0.  The second version 
		fixed the "old man" cheat but not the cheat that has 
		to do with giving more money than you have to the two 
		children in the Adoption Agency.  With this one 
		just make sure that you bet and/or give more money 
		than you have, and that includes everything in the 
		LORD bank as well as in hand.  Exit the IGM, then 
		exit the game, when you return you will have 2 billion 
		gold in hand.

		**ARAGON'S TIMER 1.0**

		You'll need another player's cooperating with you.  
		If you think that no-one else has played Aragon's 
		Timer today, you should enter and exit the IGM alone 
		without playing the game to make sure the data
		file is reset.  Once you have done that, both of 
		you should enter Aragon's Timer.  You play the game; 
		your partner doesn't. You exit back to LORD first, 
		then your partner exits to LORD (Precise timing
		is a must, since you may not be able to talk to each 
		other.) Now that you're both in LORD, it's time to go 
		back to Aragon's Timer.  Both of you enter Aragon's Timer.  
		Your partner plays the game; you don't.  Your partner 
		exits Aragon's Timer first, then you exit Aragon's Timer
		second.   The result:  If you're both good at Aragon's 
		Timer, both of you have increased your wealth by 50%.  
		Here's the cool part: if you followed the above instructions, 
		Aragon's Timer will have NO record of either of you playing 
		the game!   That's right...both of you can go back and 
		play Aragon's Timer FOREVER!...or until you run out of
		time...or the SysOp catches you.  :)   This worked for 
		me locally under Aragon's Timer 1.0. (I had two LORD games 
		running under two different windows in win3.11.)  I don't 
		know of any updates to Aragon's Timer. 

		submitted by Noriko

		The current, yes CURRENT version of City of Eros!   Go in 
		and go to Jasmine's Spa (I think it's called).  Make sure 
		you have a little money.  Keep pressing Massage or the more 
		expensive sauna a million times -- you get experience points 
		in 25 increments and 50 increments in the latter.  Okay, you 
		don't have to press it a million times, but the more you press 
		the more experience you get and you can return to the IGM as 
		many times as you like.  Now when you exit, look at your stats 
		and see a negative amount -- of course you've exceeded your 
		cash on hand in the Spa, but who cares!  Exit the game for a 
		sec and when you reenter, bingo!  You've got 2,000,000,000 
		gold in hand!  If you have patience, keep going back to the 

		submitted by Loyd Bulmur

		The way to get past all three Giants is:

			Prior to entering the IGM, have at least one gem in your
		possession.  Try to have over-scale hit points (either through

			The following sequence  -* must *-  be followed.

			{T}alk to the Fairy
			{F}ollow the Giant's Footsteps: defeat # 1
			{F}ollow the Giant's Footsteps a second time: defeat # 2
			{O}ffer the Fairy a gem.  No matter how many potions you
		receive, drink only the {Y}ellow one.  Your hit points, which
		will have been depleted through defeating the first two Giants,
		will be restored.
			{F}ollow the Giant's Footsteps for the third time.  Upon
		defeating it, you will receive the bonus, which is an appearance
		by the Trojan Warrior (for femmes) or the Amazon Warrior (for
		males).  The bonus is a random thing, which usually includes
		some gems, some gold, and a goodly number of experience points.

		submitted by Nicole Willson

		Go into the Skills Training Center in the Jeweler's Shoppe. 
		(I took the Mystical Skills training I'm not sure how this
		would work for the other two types of training.) You have to 
		pay 1000 gp for each turn, so you should make sure that
		you only have about 1000 or 2000 gp in hand. The training
		for Mystical Skills is a number-guessing game. The first
		time, I guessed right and got about 30 gems. The second
		time, I guessed wrong, and ended up with negative gold in
		hand.  Quit the game entirely and when you re-enter you'll
		have 2 billion gold in hand.

		submitted by Ann Labuda
		When you enter Juancho's Paradise, go to the Forest and use 
		all thirty of your fights.  You NEVER lose a fight and each 
		time you get x amount of strength and x amount of gems (x being a 
		number between 1 and 99).  After using up all of your forest fights 
		there (you're given 30), leave the forest and talk to the man in the 
		corner.  He'll give you a riddle with the answer scrambled, and the 
		letters contained in the answer will be given to you.  EX:  Snap!  
		Better when wet!  OLTEW  ANS: TOWEL (Note:  They're all that easy)  
		He'll let you guess five riddles then tell you that you can't play 
		any more today.  Then, go to the Church and Pray to Juancho the Taco 
		God (or God of Tacos, I forget exactly how it's worded).  Each time 
		you pray to Juancho, you'll get x amount of strength, defense, gems, 
		or charm.  (Here, x is a number between 0 and 99)  There is NO LIMIT 
		to how many times you can pray to him per day other than how much 
		time your SysOp has allotted you to be on his/her board.  If you exit 
		Juancho's Paradise at any point and go back in, you'll have 30 more 
		forest fights in there, and 5 more riddles to answer, plus of course 
		the unlimited prayers.


		In version 2.00 dated 8/24/95 You can sell negative gems.  
		Sell -32000 gems, and you will be given 32000 of them.  
		You can then take  them back to the regular LORD and 
		trade them to the bartender for strength, defense, and 
		hit points.  THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED in version 2.10:  
		Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most 
		recent release of his works on your BBS.


		In the original version KNIGHT55.ZIP, Go to the bank and 
		deposit -2000000000 it will give it to you on hand.  
		do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent 
		release of his works on your BBS.  NOTE OF WARNING:
		Cheaters are SEVERELY punished in the newest version. {G}

		**LORD HUNTER** v1.01 enter amount in negative gold

		**LORD'S PIT, THE** v2.50

		If you exit and re-enter it, your Arena Fights go back up 
		to 25.


		The original version WW-LRO11.ZIP version 11
		Enter the store and ask to buy anything.  When it asks 
		how much you want say 100,000.  It will say that it will 
		charge you -$xxxxxxx (A lot of cash).  Agree and you will 
		come out of the store with TONS of cash.  For example if you 
		had 800 strength and you bought 100,000 strength you would 
		end up with -30,000 strength and about 100 mil.  To make 
		it go positive buy another 100,000.  You will end up with 
		2500 strength.  But be careful though, because you can start
		 to go into negative cash.  If that happens just buy or sell 
		100,000 forest fights until positive again.  This trick 
		basically gives you anything you want!  You can get HUGE 
		amounts of charm, and using the change sex option, you 
		can marry both Seth Able and Violet.  Lord's Realm v0.12 
		105 KB is listed, but I do not know if it repairs any of
		 the above.


		LOVE110.ZIP Version 1.10, LOVE120.ZIP  Version 1.20
		Go in Love Shack, and go to the Lounge or Bar.  Order the 
		most expensive drink. It SHOULD say that a thief comes 
		and knocks you out, and steals all your money.  You 
		now  exit the IGM, then exit the game.  The next time you 
		enter LORD, you will have 2 billion gold on hand.  IF 
		you go into the bank before you exit the game, you will
		cancel your negative gold in hand, and be given $100. gold.


		`S - for skills
		`k - for kids
		`{  - for lays
		`} - for charm
		The above all that work for normal play.  You must have access to 
		any IGM that allows the name change of your weapon.  Write in 
		`Ssword name, NOTHING else!!  Then every time you check your stats, 
		your skills will go up, or what ever of the four you have selected.


		In the original version, MOI18.ZIP version 18, IF the game
		is registered, then press "c" when the first "{MORE} prompt 
		pops up.  Enter noisullI fO rorriM" (Mirror Of Illusion 
		backwards) and pick the 2429 Town. You will be able 
		to bet on fights.  Place a bet of "-2000000000" gold and 
		hope you will lose the fight.  If not, you will still 
		get over 200 million gold...but not the 2 billion.
		If you are satisfied, then leave...if not, stay and 
		continue to try and get your 2 billion gold.
		please do this author the courtesy of using only the 
		most recent release of his works. 


		Go to the IGM bank, and DEPOSIT -2000000000, return 
		to the LORD bank, then exit.  You now have 2 billion 
		gold in the bank, and 200,000,000 in your hand.  If 
		you chose to not go for that much gold, you can place
		a with drawl of -2000000000, and this will give you 
		the same amount in the positive.  You can also go to 
		the Dolphin Rest Inn, talk to the bartender, tip him 
		-1000000000 and he'll give it back in the positive.


		Go into the IGM with no money, go to the bazaar and 
		buy slave children it will cost a negative amount, 
		with that you GET the gold and the child.
		I believe this only works for Level 7 and above.
		author the courtesy of using only the most recent
		 release of his works on your BBS.


		Original version RDCAS16.ZIP, you could use the 
		negative number betting.
		THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED with version 1.7. 
		Please do this author the courtesy of using only 
		the most recent release of his works on your BBS.


		Sandtiger's Bar v2.00 65 KB (Unofficial)  (and I'm sure 
		there is 1 or 2 more) There are several different versions 
		of this IGM, don't just automatically sell everything and 
		jump in there thinking you are going to make billions 
		in minutes.  
		ORIGINAL VERSION:  You can sell your armor and weapon in 
		the LORD game and go into Sandtiger's and sell your "fists" 
		and "nothing" for around 2.4 million each.  Then you go 
		back to the LORD game weapon and armor shop, sell the 
		Sandtiger's weapon and armor, go back and do it again.  
		It's very easy to make big money in this version.  
		SECOND VERSION:  Start this when you are LEVEL 1 and 
		ready to sell your armor. Remember, check it out first, 
		because of the different versions.  Have only $1500 gold, 
		"fist" for weapon, (this one doesn't work on armor.) Go to 
		the shop and sell your weapon, IF the salesman doesn't ask 
		you if you want to sell your "fist"  for a quoted amount,
		then purchase it 19 more times, (that's 20 all together)  
		Napalm does it for 40.  Then exit the IGM, go into the bank, 
		do nothing, exit the bank then return. You should have 
		200,000,000. gold in the bank now.  IF you have a negative 
		amount in hand and nothing in the bank, exit the IGM and 
		then go back in, that will give you 2,000,000,000. gold.
		Be sure that when you start this you only have $1500. in 
		the bank do not have any more or any less or it will not 
		work.   With the gold you make from these two versions, 
		you can purchase your stats, and skills and charm for 
		very little gold.
		THIRD VERSION:  This one has to be started at level 1, 
		it will not give you big gold, but it will give you level 12
		 stats by the time you are at Level 7.  Sell armor and weapon,
		go to Sandtiger's IGM and purchase "Sling Shot" and "Lead Pan".  
		The purchase price is $500. go to LORD weapon and armor shop 
		and sell each for $1500.  With this version, you make a profit
		and your stats go up each time you purchase, and they do not 
		drop when you sell.  Stick with the first and second weapons 
		and armors, otherwise you'll be spending more than your making.
		FOURTH VERSION: At level one, when you are ready to sell your 
		armor, sell it in the LORD game, then go to Sandtiger's, armor 
		dealer, and see if he will buy your "nothing" for a tidy sum. 
		If so, have at least enough gold to purchase a "Sling Shot" 
		based on what amount the old woman's exchange of 'bar coin's 
		to gold coins' is.  Sell your "nothing" to the armor dealer 
		and go purchase a Sling Shot.  Leave the IGM, go to the LORD 
		weapon's dealer sell the Sling Shot.  Return to Sandtiger's
		armor dealer, sell your "nothing" purchase a Sling shot again, 
		go back to the LORD weapon's dealer again, sell the sling shot 
		again...etc...etc.  Got it?  Your strength keeps going up and 
		not dropping, plus you keep selling "nothing" for all that gold.


		One or both of these allows purchasing with the use of 
		the negative numbers.  
		THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED SFAIRY25.ZIP Please do this author 
		the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his 
		works on your BBS.


		In the section for Mystical Skills, if you are allowed to 
		start first, choosing 1, 2, 7, & 4 will win every time.  
		If the old man starts first, 8, 9, 3, & 6 will win every 


		(Napalm Runner's Version)
		Go to any of the little area's in there.  When asked 
		for your percentage of ingredients, type in any numbers 
		that end up with a value of 100.  For example, you would 
		type in -32000 for the first one, and 32100 for the second 
		one, and 0 for the rest.  More then likely, you will be 
		offered to buy it at a negative amount, and if you pick 
		the right percentages, you will also get the special 
		attribute also, like the strength, defense, hit points, 
		experience, and/or charm.  This works great in the 
		"Bathroom", because after you've exhausted your number
		of buys, return to the previous menu then go back in, 
		and start buying again.
		KITERIA'S VERSION:  Go into the bathroom, select 99 
		of Purple Pedals, and 0 to the rest, it will say it 
		cost a negative amount, say yes and you will GET that 
		money plus what you are purchasing.  This works with
		every one of the "Bathroom" item's except Goober Grass.  
		Every forth time, you must leave the bathroom, but you 
		can go right back in.  
		THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: BA506.ZIP v5.06 Please do 
		this author the courtesy of using only the most 
		recent release of his works on your BBS.

		Submitted by Carin M. Armlin
		Go into Thor's BackAlley Bar (take at least $100000 with you), 
		and (F)ind A Stud.  After you buy one, you should be left with 
		a negative amount of gold on hand (it's happened to me every time 
		at least).  Exit the IGM, and Quit LORD w/out going to the bank.  
		Re-enter the game, and you'll have $2 billion gold on hand.  Oh, 
		as far as I know, you have to be a female to do this, so if there is 
		another IGM that allows you to change your sex, or for someone to 
		change it for you, do that first.

		SPECIAL FUNCTION:  Go to the Dark Cloaked Figure and
		type "dick", no quote marks.  You will receive 100 charm.
		IF you have OVER 100 charm, you will be reduced to 100 charm,
		so don't do it if you don't need it.


		When you are given the option of either trading in 
		your weapon or armor for another one, do not trade 
		up for a better weapon/armor.  If you do it will 
		only make you weaker.  You are given the weapon/armor, 
		but not the strength and defense associated with it.  
		Trade in for a weaker weapon or armor if possible.  
		That way, when you sell your weapon/armor for a better 
		one, you will not lose as much strength/defense.  This 
		will make more sense once you start doing it.  You can 
		rack up tons of strength and defense this way.
		There is a newer version, Turgon's House v2.80 I 
		cannot say that it repairs this or not. 

		submitted by Mary Jane Frank

		I found out that when you are in Turgon's House you can break 
		into his room if you are a thief (otherwise you get the message 
		"You need a key"). Also, if you open the closet and the fairies 
		come out, you try to grab one and it says "You will be humiliated 
		for life" your sex changes!  This can really screw up your love 
		life! ;)

		 UNDERV1.ZIP version 1.01 and Underground v1.20

		Enter with at least 1 gold.  Go to the gambling area, 
		and wager a negative amount of gold.  Depending on what 
		level you are on, is important as to how much you should 
		wager.  When asked to pick a number between 1 and ten, 
		pick "11".  You'll lose.  Continue for the rest of your 
		turns.  With the money you just earned, enter the Wizard's 
		area.  CAUTION: If you are at a low level, and you bet a
		very high amount, you should go and deposit the gold in 
		the LORD bank, and other banks as well if available.  If 
		you don't, when you enter the Wizard's area, it will 
		immediately throw you into the negative, forcing all your 
		purchases to be NEGATIVE.  This is not good.  This IGM is 
		so choked with easy cheating, that you can cheat yourself if
		you're not careful!!!!  While here, you may also make your 
		name blink or invisible.  Pick for a name change, enter a 
		"`b" before your name to make it blink red or "`y" for 
		yellow or simply a color code to make it invisible but 
		you will not be able to receive mail unless you write
		it first.


		On older versions, there's a way to get an instant 
		2 billion gold. Go to the innkeeper and give him a 
		tip of (negative) -2000000000" or so.  This cheat 
		is 'high' or 'low' spirit reactive.  
		THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED in version v1.50a  Please do 
		this author the courtesy of using only the most recent
		release of his work.  NOTE OF WARNING, Guido will kick
		your butt if you cheat in the new version and take 
		everything you have.


		This really isn't that big of a deal...but if it's the 
		only IGM in the realm, it's still an advantage.  If you 
		buy your lemonade, you will notice that you can't buy 
		it again...but if you leave and come back, it will let 
		you!  If it says "You feel vigorous, I wonder what that 
		means?", It means that you may flirt again, with Violet, 
		Seth, or the grave digger but not another player.  You can 
		also completely change your name and re-enter as a new 
		player and go through the entire IGM again.

		rename armor/weapon to `k, `S or `}

		**WEAPON'S OF WAR** v2.53b

		Before killing the dragon stash everything into this 
		IGM, it will all be there waiting for you when you restart.  
		You can get tons of gems in this IGM as well.  Go to the 
		bank, and pick the option to sell your gems.  You have to 
		have at least 1 gem on hand to make this work.  ...i.e.,
		you can sell -32000 gems...and get 32,000 gems...of course, 
		your money on hand will go into the negatives, but that 
		can easily be fixed by either going into the LORD bank and 
		leaving without making any transaction, or exiting
		the game, and then coming back in.


		Transfer your gold to someone else, go in and ask for gold. 
		Do it over and over.  (This on may be fixed so that you 
		can only go into it one time.)


		You can get tons of free gold and gems in this IGM.  
		Go to the bank and deposit a negative amount of gems and/or 
		gold.  This works great in version 3.50+, when you can cash them 
		in all at one time.  THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED in Xenon's Town 
		Square v2.00 Please do this author the courtesy of using only 
		the most recent release of his work.

		Contributed by Stanley Chiu

		If you go into negative gold in some way, DO NOT go in 
		and out of the bank. The 100 gold compensation is a pretty 
		shoddy one.  What you SHOULD do is THIS:  When you see you 
		have negative gold, leave LORD.  Upon re-entry, you'll see 
		that you have two billion gold on hand. The reason is 
		pretty simple...; LORD naturally assumes you obtained 
		negative gold because you went OVER the 2,147,483,617 limit,
		so it gives you two billion back, because it doesn't want to 
		"cheat" you.


		If you exceed the limited amount of gold, or experience 
		which is right around 2.147 billion, it will revert you back
		to 2 billion gold, and the same amount of experience.  Experience
		is not that big a deal.  Your hit points, strength, and defense 
		will go into the negative if you exceed 32,767.  When this 
		happens to your strength or defense or in some occasions both, 
		sell the equipment, and it will drop you down.  If it is hit points 
		that has gone over the 32,767 limit, purchase gems and redeem them 
		at the bartenders.  Instead of going up, it will go down and take 
		you out of the negative.

		For more hints, tips, and information about the game LORD, 
		and the IGM's, read the FIDO LORD Door Game Discussion ECHO. 

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