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Size: 83K
Downloads: 333
Gigantic/Tritanic Cruises v0.90
LORD2 IGM By Codax Dragon. Released
privately in late June 2001. Released
for others to try out in January 2002.

The smell of sea salt in your nose,
gulls cawing above, a nice peaceful,
relaxing cruise. The Deafening roar of
thousands of Passengers saying goodbye
to the ones they leave behind. It is
definitely a party. And you are invited,
to take a cruise on the Gigantic or
Tritanic, the largest and only luxury
cruise liners in the world. Enjoy 3
classes of entertainment, and even become
a captain of your own ship. Don't worry,
these ships are "virtually Unsinkable".
No need to worry about explosions,
incompetint captains, or pirates....
It's time to relax....right?

Size: 35K
Downloads: 358
The Pit by Codax of Dragon's Den Ultd
Jump down The Pit Located 1 mile south
of the Dark Forest Gate and find a city
destroyed by an earthquake and guarded
by a monster is different everytime you
find him! And get this...they only use
potions for money. Can you find the
way out....Or will you be stuck
planting fields, getting water, and
fighting for the rest of your life!!!
(Blue Potions problem fixed) ver 2
(Map Problem Fixed, Added more text,
and a jump feature) ver 3
(Fixed Shara's Lake problems, farm probs,
and write.exe conversion error in igm) ver 3.51

Size: 32K
Downloads: 328
The Pond by Codax of Dragon's Den Ultd
This igm requires a registration code to
go on a quest to sober the some frogs
also to sell the old boot, Dragon fish, and
the lawyer fish....
In the UNREGISTERED version you can
fish and sell the flaming fish, angel fish,
and the dog fish.

Size: 14K
Downloads: 366
Dark Cloak Tavern v1.3
Author: Max Larive [FieldSoft]
BBS: (450)679-7599
Go to the good old Tavern in the very
forest many fought the Red Dragon. See
Grizelda, gamble with Aladdin, gossip
with Chance, women can flirt him.

Size: 33K
Downloads: 373
[?7h//---/[ IGM For Lord 2 ]/--//[CONFLICTS]
Death's Land Of Fun V1.01
This IGM Has Not ConflictedThis Is My 3rd IGM So Far. This IGM FeaturesWith Other IGM. No Worries
Lots Of New Things. Hope You Will Enjoy It.But I'll Keep You Updated
This IGM Consists Of Items. For SysOps Who HadOr You Can Help Me Out.
Edited/Created The Items Before, Please ReadMail Me If You Find Bugs
The Doc File *VERY* *VERY* Carefully.Conflicts Or Other Craps.

For Those SysOps Who Had Never Edited/Created[PROJECTS WORKING ON NOW]
Any Items, Juz Unzip This IGM Over Your Lord2
Directory And *OVER WRITE* It. Nothing Will Go Wrong Working On Final Version
Working On "The Battle Of
It Will Work Perfactly If You Have This :Wit IGM"
- LORD 2 Final Version. (Version 1.00)Creating A NEWWORLD Soon.
- LORD 2 (Registered Version)

/-/[Creator: Yang Qingwei]/-/
Yang's Empire BBS o65-581-1224 24hrs 33600bps
Fireball BBS o65-383-3868 24hrs 33600bps

Size: 176K
Downloads: 337

MetaLHeaD Softwarez Ŀ

Demon Knights House v.666
A Lord *2* Igm Program
Disk [XX/01]
For Use with Lord *2* The
New World Only!

Drk ds sĿ
2i5.487.7315 Obv

Size: 290K
Downloads: 334

MetaLHeaD Softwarez Ŀ
DemonKnight TOWN/HOUSE V1

A Lord *2* Igm Program
Disk [XX/01]

Drk ds sĿ
2i5.487.7315 Obv

Size: 24K
Downloads: 330
Descent of the Dragon v1.50
an IGM for LORD II
Fight the Blue Dragon and
her babies. Soda Machine
Patch included.

Size: 232K
Downloads: 363

MetaLHeaD Softwarez Ŀ
Devils Island v1.50
Nice igm, with bar, warping
a quest, fishing, training
an inn with soda,ice,snack
machine, also a bar with a
bathroom with a condom dis
pencer! check it out!
By: DemoNKnighT
Rel: 12-07-97 10:22am

Size: 22K
Downloads: 314
Devil's Rage IGM v2.01
Everything is fixed in
this version.

*Fun little fights
*Neato hell landscape

Size: 4.0K
Downloads: 344

Size: 5.0K
Downloads: 335
One a day bonus for LORD ][
Players need to give Peter a
Skystaff first, though. And
they need to be very good/bad

Size: 73K
Downloads: 361
Doc Farrell v3.01a
AUTHOR: Kevin Farrell
E-MAIL: kfarrell@kearney.net
Doc Farrell is a doctors office
about 2 miles south of the Stonepass
Lodge. The Doc will heal you, give
you money (if you get the password),
and there is a hidden cave which you
can go to if you find it and the key!

Size: 4.0K
Downloads: 343
------The Realm Of Domanu------
A very dum IGM for Seth Able
Robinson's LORD ][:The New World.
Specially made for unregistered games.
Defeat the beast Domanu and
talk to his crazy master.

By Sam Wilson.

E-mail : avatar@clear.co.nz to comment.

Size: 15K
Downloads: 335
Dominus Castle v2.21
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Stephen Walls
E-Mail: SaintLocke@aol.com
This castle contains a training center
in which only the people in the
castle can use, an Armoury, Wizard,
Generals, even a war room, it also
contains 6 bedrooms! A must have!
NEW: Allows people to place 50,000$
bounties and you can sneek into other
castles. Now Dominus castle has a bank!
And, here at Dominus Castle, Bobby
likes to spend a weekend relaxing ;)

Size: 19K
Downloads: 366
Dragon's Den Housing v3.00 by Codax
I have decided to make this igm a
freeware igm. All I asked was a
little help with getting my BBS up
but no one wanted to pitch in just
$5 dollars. I would still like don-
ations. For info on donations email
me at Codax_dragon@juno.com Dragon's
Den Housing lets you rent out 4 hutts
and 2 houses and lets you own 3 castles
each with it's own suprise. Stone me
if you dare! Listen to Darlatia's tale
about the Dragon & Phoenix War. Enjoy!

Size: 7.0K
Downloads: 332
The Cave of Hope & Despair
Enter a cave of both hope
and despair. Take caution
as you search for the chest
watch out for waterholes and
the magic that can both hurt
you and heal you! Help out
a lost warrior in the caves
once a day...but that's not

Size: 41K
Downloads: 332
LORD2 IGM Alien Landing!
GREAT PROGRAM (IGM) for LORD2 -=- New World with Aliens!

Size: 15K
Downloads: 336

//---/[ IGM For Lord 2 ]/--//[CONFLICTS]
Extacy's Land Of Fun V1.03 PATCH
This IGM Has Not ConflictedThis Is A PATCH. Found That The REC Don'tWith Other IGM. No Worries
Work Well. So Changed Back To REF. Now AllBut I'll Keep You Updated
Bugs Fixed. There Won't Be Anymore VersionOr You Can Help Me Out.
On This Again. This Is Our Final PATCH UnlessMail Me If You Find Bugs
Some Thing Craps Up.Conflicts Or Other Craps.

It Will Work Perfactly If You Have This :
- LORD 2 Final Version. (Version 1.00)[PROJECTS WORKING ON NOW]
- LORD 2 (Registered Version)
Currenly Thinking Of A IGM
Upgrading. Please Read DOC File.To Create. I'll Keep You
/-/[Creator: Yang Qingwei]/-/
Yang's Empire BBS o65-581-1224 24hrs 33600bps
Fireball BBS o65-383-3868 24hrs 33600bps

Size: 24K
Downloads: 379
-=-=- Ye Olde Farm ver 1.0 for Lord2 -=-=-
Visit this old farm in the forest. Solve
the mystery, and you'll be able to farm
for gold!
Tech'N Software - Lloyd Hannesson
http://www.techn.com/ -- support@techn.com

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