Legend of the Red Dragon - Town Square
The marketplace has many outlets. Which way do you go from here?

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Size: 9.0K
Downloads: 86
The Y M C A v1.1
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Michael Naeseth aka MeRCeR
E-Mail: yomercer@aol.com
Find the YMCA, there you
are able to, play basketball,
sing live, lift weights,
jump rope, buy items, and

Size: 13K
Downloads: 87

Size: 23K
Downloads: 86
[?7h//---/[ IGM For Lord 2 ]/--//
Yang's Place V1.04 Final
This Is Version 1.04 Final If You Had Installed Or
Have Not Installed This IGM. Please Read The DocFor Version 1.04 The
Carefully.Patch Is Included In
This ZIP File. TheresYang's Place Final Version. Please Don't Flood Me WithNo Need To Download
Mails As This Is The Final Version. I Do Not Wish ToAny More Patch.
Create Any More Patch, Upgrades Or Anything Other Fixes
All Bugs Fixed(I Hope) No More Futher Upgrades For This.
It Will Work Perfactly If You Have This :[OUT FOR]
- LORD 2 Final Version. (Version 1.00)
- LORD 2 (Registered Version)Currently Working
* WARNING *Version 1.00, 1.01
Upgrading From 1.00-1.04, 1.01-1.04, 1.02-1.04Had Been Relased.
or 1.03-1.04. Please Read The DOC File Carefully
Other IGMs Are Still
/-/[Creator: Yang Qingwei]/-/Under Construction.
[Offical] Yang's Empire BBS 581-1224 24hrs 33600bpsUpdates Can Be Found
[Co-offical] Fireball BBS 383-3868 24hrs 33600bpsIn Yang's Empire BBS

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