Legend of the Red Dragon - Town Square
The marketplace has many outlets. Which way do you go from here?

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Lord 4.07 Lord2 1.02 Planets: TEOS 2.01b

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Size: 46K
Downloads: 169
RTE200 patched update.
Werewolf IGM for LORD v3.55.
Transform into a werewolf to
kill other players and
desecrate their dead bodies,
eat kids, kill horses!
More SysOp configurable!

Size: 54K
Downloads: 144
Lord IGM
RimWell Isle of Witches for the
DoorGame Lord. Multi-BBS,Multi-Node,
MultiTasking aware. Lives in it own
directory, not in the Lord directory. 1
minute installation progam. The Witches
may help or hurt you as they see fit.
The registered version of this IGM is
Winable! by Allyn Cross

Size: 130K
Downloads: 171
Xenon's Town Square v2.0 - LORD IGM, was
written to provide users with a place
to store GOLD, GEMS, CHILDREN and their
HORSE. To those of you familiar with the
IGMs that allow players to steal from
other players, this IGM can be helpful.

Xenon's Town Square was written in
QuickBasic 4.5 using QWKIGM programming
library for IGMs, (c) Ballistic Labs.


Size: 4.0K
Downloads: 164
MERRY CHRISTMAS v1.0 for Legend of the Red Dragon

Were you a good boy/girl this year? Santa may reward you with some
gold -- or maybe, even a fairy -- in your stocking!

By Gary Hartzell
Requires LORD 3.5+ and The Gateway IGM 1.0+

Size: 124K
Downloads: 116

Size: 87K
Downloads: 156
Zephyr Town Square v0.9a LORD IGM
v0.9a - 9/12/1996

A nifty combination IGM.
Lottsa cool stuff to do!

You MUST unzip this into its own

Req: Lord 3.50+
by: Steve Oberholtzer

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