Legend of the Red Dragon - Town Square
The marketplace has many outlets. Which way do you go from here?

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Size: 55K
Downloads: 188
-=-=Player's Market v.14=-=-
An IGM for LORD. Multi-BBS, Multi-Node,
MultiTasking Aware and can be in its own
directory. A great place to buy and sell
almost any item you want, and for the
price you want! If you have Dragon's
Breath Mountain IGM installed, you can
integrate the two!
**Fixes the "F1 for command" bug**
**Easy installation and configuration!**
* * **FREEWARE!** * *
Written By: Ricky Friesen

Size: 76K
Downloads: 143
Lord IGM... The Poor House.
A little help when you really need it...

Size: 55K
Downloads: 204
-=-Psyc0's Inn-=- A LORD IGM V1.0á
Flirt With Psyc0, Or Valerie The
Vampire. Live Chat,with actions
Chat Wall, Interal IGM Mail, An
Attack Proof Inn, Daily News, and
more... Try it today.
(c) 1996 ErnisseSoft Productions.

Size: 43K
Downloads: 197
The Red Dragon Pet Shop v1.0a LORD IGM
Freeware IGM where users can sell
their weapons and buy an animal
to replace them.

Size: 152K
Downloads: 136

Size: 80K
Downloads: 192
*** QUIK-E-MART for LORD ***
Version 1.1

Another program by Chuck Charpentier. IGM for Lord,
weeze the juice, steal from the clerk, eat donuts,
use the restroom, eat candy, make faces at the camera
and more. Pretty nice, no registration!.
Call RED-LINE BBS at 703.404.2615

Size: 85K
Downloads: 154
Races 2.2 Lord IGM
How about a trip to the horse races!

Size: 44K
Downloads: 201
Strong Man I's Race Trek 2.00 beta
This IGM lets users take there horses
a race track to win money. Users Also
can take a nap in the stable Search a
grave yard, and leave messages behind
for other users. 100% FREEware.

Size: 55K
Downloads: 217
|10F|02orest of the |10R|02aven|04ø
|15 Version 2.3
|10 An IGM for |04Legend of the Red Dragon.
|10 Explore the Northern Forest and try to
|10 find the Castle of the Raven Queen ...
|10 Anti-cheat System,
|10 Random Events, Magic Weapons, Riddles,
|10 ANSI combat sequence.
|10 Easy Set-up !
|15 Daimar Systems - David Holderness

Size: 56K
Downloads: 234
Red Dragon's Bank v1.6 - An IGM (In Game
Module) for the popular BBS door game
LORD v3.5x. Red Dragon's Bank is different
than LORD's bank in that you don't lose your
gold and gems that you had deposited in it
once you kill The Red Dragon.
Added the ability to buy gems and horse.
Also some error checking routines.
Seattle On-Line BBS (206) 361-6150
Written by Ziad K. Alhasawi

Size: 211K
Downloads: 173
-=*> Red Dragon Casino Lord IGM <*=-
Copyright (c) 1995 by William Atwell
RD casino is a add on module for LORD
Updated version a few small bug fixes
Now has a lottery where you could win
millions if you pick the right numbers
easy to update from 1.5.

Size: 60K
Downloads: 209
ÛÛÎÛ²²²±±°°ÍRealm of ImmortalsÍ°°±±²²²ÛÎÛÛ
³ º Realm of Immortals v1.00 for º ³
³ º Legend of The Red Dragon º ³
³ º for version 3.26+ º ³
³ º The largest IGM to date. More to º ³
³ º find, more games, humour, and raw º ³
³ º entertainment than any other IGM! º ³
ÀÄ×ÄÄÄÄÄ®Make your LORD a Party!!!¯ÄÄÄÄ×ÄÙ

Size: 65K
Downloads: 234
Redwood Restaurant & Tavern v2.00
This LORD IGM lets the weary adventurer
get a frosty pint of ale and a fine
meal. Come for the companionship, to
meet other famous warriors, and fair
ladies. Gamble dice games in the
backroom. Use the bathroom, start
brawls, many random events to explore.
Brad Carson: the_carse@hotmail.com
Recompiled to fix RTE200 code.
Freeware release.

Size: 48K
Downloads: 142
In a unique atmosphere, REDWOOD offers
users such options as speak to the
old blind barstool prophet, incite a
brawl, order food, and even POISON
other PLAYERS! This is one IGM not
to be passed, grab it up while you
All past ERRORS FIXED! Yes, this new
version is flawless, to my knowledge!
Another fine product by PCTech 1996

Size: 79K
Downloads: 148

Size: 58K
Downloads: 171
|08Ä|02Ä|10Ä|11RoDGeRs WoRLd v.2á|10Ä|02Ä|08Ä
|07ú|04A IGM for LoRD v3.26+|07ú
|08This is the IGM that will make you laugh
|08your ass off. Yes its Mentos aka Rodger
|08world of hell. This IGM makes fun of him
|08cuz he thinks he is eLiTe, and when in
|08fact the bbs world cant stand him. Taste
|08his home made wine. |15FREEWARE.

Size: 75K
Downloads: 178
|04.ú|12R|04o|08cky |12H|04o|08rror |11v.5á|04ú.
|11 ú|04A IGM for LoRD v3.26+|11ú
|03Rocky Horror a great flick in movieland!
|03Do the Time Warp, sign a book, make a big
|03anouncements to all in lord, and more. You
|03can get gold, experience and ????. You can
|03never be to sure what you will get when you
|03play this IGM. Fun 4 all the family.
|03Support bbs Dreamland 818.991.1520
|03Web http://www.three-d.net/dore
|03IRC Efnet #DoRE or #DoRENET

Size: 117K
Downloads: 203
Lord in game Module. Rest and relaxation.
Visit Violets house of ill repute, or
Turgeons pleasure palace for the ladies.
Shouldn't offend any users, save perhaps the
very youngest.

Size: 148K
Downloads: 182
Robin Hood v3.00
Visit Robin and His Merry Bunch.
1st IGM from the Sysop Of Hellas BBS
718-630-5885 Fido 1:278/217
Only $4.00 To Register. All Future
Upgrades are free. Coming Soon
Ye Olde Town Mall.

Size: 175K
Downloads: 225
Robin Hood v4.00
Visit Robin and His Merry Bunch.
1st IGM from the Sysop Of Hellas BBS
And League 444 Fame. Visit today and
have fun. 16 nodes on Fast DSL Line.
TelNet: hellasbbs.com or visit our web
page for the latest version. FREEWARE

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