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The marketplace has many outlets. Which way do you go from here?

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Size: 4.0K
Downloads: 149

Size: 4.0K
Downloads: 146

Size: 77K
Downloads: 187
NOAD Napping Ocean ADventure Lord IGM
Multi-BBS, Multi-Node, MultiTasking
aware. Lives in it own directory, not
in the Lord directory. 1 minute
installation progam. Fight and live in
an undersea world! Fight new monsters
get XP, deal with the fish! If
registered sysop can edit/add monsters
get more fights, Secrets are enabled!
Now you can get some coward out of the
Inn\IGM where they are hiding from you.
Full online mail! by Allyn Cross

Size: 51K
Downloads: 221
|15°|14The Oasis of El-Sayal|15°
|15 ---------------------
|06 Version 1.09
|14 A new IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
|14 Trade, intrigue, and ancient mysteries.
|14 Explore the southern deserts and solve
|14 the various quests.
|06 Negative bug has been fixed!!
|15 Daimar Systems - David Holderness

Size: 40K
Downloads: 187
OBO will sell you EVERYTHING! From
horses and hitpoints to Charm and
Strength! Also, you can even buy
additional visits to Seth and
Violet! AND, as an added bonus,
you may even buy a safe room to
stay, safe from ALL ATTACKS!
Another fine product by PCTech 1996

Size: 34K
Downloads: 174
Old Man IGM 2.1: for LORD 3.26+
An animated test of archery, and
fair prizes, unlike some other IGMs
Fixes kids, re-entry, and some menu
Has been downloaded over 1,000 times
off of SAR's The Darkside!

Size: 83K
Downloads: 159
│ The Old Man's Cave v1.0 │
│ An IGM for LORD, gives warriors tips│
│ secrets and all of types of stuff. │
│ Running conversation was well. │
│ │
│ Written at The Roman Empire BBS │
│ 501-648-0944 │
│ by: William Turner │

Size: 36K
Downloads: 177
The Outhouse ver 1.30
An IGM for L.O.R.D.
Easy to setup, has RIP support
**** FREEWARE ****
This ver fixes the invalid config error

Size: 96K
Downloads: 159
The Outlands Tavern v1.3a LORD IGM
For LORD 3.50+ - A nice little place to visit
or perhaps to stay the night! Keeps users
(mostly) save and warm during the night, plus
they can talk and PARTY! Uses LORD v3.55
BADWORDS.DAT and includes a hard to get in
Back Room! New RHP system lets you add to
it! FREEWARE, from the author of LordStat
and The L.O.R.D. Cavern.

Size: 101K
Downloads: 268
The Outlands Tavern v1.4 LORD IGM
For LORD 3.50+ - A nice little place to
visit or perhaps to stay the night!
Keeps users (mostly) safe and warm
during the night, plus they can talk
and PARTY! Uses LORD v3.55's
BADWORDS.DAT file, and includes a hard
to get into Back Room! The RHP system
lets you add to it!

Updates: Experience rewards are
reduced. Music Switch and Food Taste
events' rewards now have max. limits.
RHP script events are executed randomly.
Enhanced handling of player fights.
IGM is fully tested under LORD v4.06
and v4.07 beta.

FREEWARE, from the author of LordStat
and RHPTest utilities; The L.O.R.D.
Cavern, and The Gateway IGMs. Created
by Jason Brown. Maintained by Donald
Tidmore. Email: jmbrown@pcisys.net,
Fidonet: 1:123/450

Size: 39K
Downloads: 195
-=˙Pleasures Paradise 1.99ß˙=-
Lotsa BUG fixes.
A wicked LORD IGM for LORD
3.26+. You can do drugs,
drink booze, and get laid.
˙˙˙Despair Sofware '95˙˙˙

Size: 109K
Downloads: 198
[ THE PAWN SHOP V1.2 By Camroc
- Fast and easy installation.
- Complements LORD, not ruins it!
- Interesting storyline.
- Buy weapons, armour, and other
items and services.
- Talk to the employees.

Size: 77K
Downloads: 171
*** Apu's Pawn Shop v1.0 ***

A cool LORD IGM by Justin Manning.
Allows players to buy weapons and
armour at discounts, sell weapons,
and attack Apu, among other things.
A great addition to any LORD game.

Call RED-LINE BBS at 703.404.2615

Size: 92K
Downloads: 168
-=[ Phil's Bar v1.1 - LORD IGM ]=-
A really nice takeoff on the Inn Of
The Red Dragon (Has a Slot Machine)
and Girls :-) Registration is $5.00
Author:Tom Phillips 1:2607/303 Fido
t.phillips@phil.node99.com Internet
-■Phil's Place IV [610] 252-6223 ■-

Size: 57K
Downloads: 163
The Fairy Peddler 3.0
by Children of Galaexy
Complete rewrite,better
than ever..check it out!

Size: 50K
Downloads: 138

Size: 207K
Downloads: 171
Make your way past the Skeletons to capture
the Key from the Phantom in the Cemetery.
Enter the Mausoleum and see if you can
survive the plunge through the Deep Abyss.
Find the Treasure or Rescue the Victim if
you can survive the Creatures that await
you in the Catacombs. Earn Bonus Quests!
------------------= * =---------------------

Size: 189K
Downloads: 236
=-=-=-The Purple Haze LORD IGM v1.5 -=-=-=
The most complete LORD IGM out there!
There is a bank, a healer, trainers, flirting,
drinking, eating, getting information, a good
black jack game, a madman, a bathroom, brawls,
money, special events that happen randomly,
getting a date, and much much more. Also
it detects if you have LORD in clean mode and
it will go in clean mode and change to a more
a cleaner IGM. Also is gender aware so the
IGM is fun for either sex. The IGM is only
5 bucks for registration so its worth a look.
Easy to install! Uncripled Shareware!
New for 1.5: New menus and a better brawl.
Written by Andy Phillips and Jake Heule.

Size: 82K
Downloads: 144

Size: 22K
Downloads: 175
<->- Personal LORD Net v1.30 -<->
Allows up to 10 people to play local
copies of LORD, as if it were one big
game! Players transfer text datafiles
to each other via email, which keeps
stats current, sends mail, and updates
any other interactive LORD feature.
Register for just $5!
Reqs. Legend of the Red Dragon v3.55+

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