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Size: 47K
Downloads: 216

Size: 50K
Downloads: 242
**********The Magic Kiss**********
An IGM for LORD from Sidewinder Software.

Accept a kiss from the magical fairies and
begin the journey of a lifetime!
The chance to be transported to any one of
4 unique worlds.
Meet the gods of Ancient Egypt, try your
luck in The Gambler's Paradise, see what's
cooking up at The Alchemist's Lab and even
relax at The Health Farm. Wherever you end
up it's sure to be great fun for all!


Size: 349K
Downloads: 195
-=Kanen's Lotto Hut v1.10: LORD IGM=-
In Game Module for the door LORD.
Take your chance with Numbers.
Lottery Game for LORD players.

Size: 276K
Downloads: 210
-=Kanen's Lotto Hut v1.11: LORD IGM=-
This is a Patch to Version 1.10
Download only if you are using Version 1.10
Wild!Side Software 904-347-7358

Size: 58K
Downloads: 184
Knight's Of The Golden Horseshoe IGM
for L.O.R.D. 3.50 +
Version .65 (beta)...
A little different twist to IGM
The 1st. IGM to allow sleeping
somewhere other than the Inn!!
Easy to install, and configure.
Registration: Only $5.00

Size: 59K
Downloads: 245
Knight's Of The Golden Horseshoe v0.70
LORD IGM -- RTE200 patch update
For L.O.R.D. v3.50+ - IGM version 0.70

A little different twist to IGM
programming... The first IGM to allow
sleeping somewhere other than the Inn!!
Easy to install, and configure.
Registration: Only $5.00

Size: 213K
Downloads: 263
Kingdom of Barabadore - vers 0.02WB
Lord mega IGM. Explore the island of
Barabadore. Form Teams. Hire Henchmen.
Use arrows and slings. Perform Quests.
Resurrect the dead. Gain rank and
privilege. Sysop can design their own
monsters and hirelings.
DDPLus/DDIGM - Wide Beta
Supports most popular BBS Software
packages, including PCBoard Vers 15
& WildCat 3.9. With Rip graphics,
supports non-standard interrupts, com
1-4, IRQs 0-15, and speeds up to 115,
200 baud.

Size: 119K
Downloads: 189
-= The Latrine v3.0 WIDE BETA for LORD =-
It's FREE! The Latrine gets bigger
and better. Added RIP! Put in a
hidden Inn. No more major bugs!
Be sure to run V26_V30.EXE if
you're upgrading from v2.6!

Size: 107K
Downloads: 239
-= The Latrine v3.2 for LORD =-
It's FREE! The Latrine gets bigger
and better. Added RIP! Put in a
hidden Inn. No more major bugs!
New Support By Vagabond Software

Size: 134K
Downloads: 220
Clan Master's Inn v1.0 LORD IGM
º Clan Master's Inn ³
º A *FAIR* L.O.R.D. IGM for team play º
An excellent add-on module for the Legend
Of the Red Dragon door game. Lets your
players form and fight as teams, but
doesn't ruin your LORD game. Online duels
with 12 people! High Quality and bug-free.

Size: 81K
Downloads: 280
LORD TRX! Version 1.15. Socrates' Shop IGM.

A SocraSoft In Game Module for use with Seth Able Robinson's
immensely popular "Legend of the Red Dragon" versions 3.25+.
New features! Bug fixes! Shareware $5.

Size: 85K
Downloads: 297
|07A Dragons Mistress Production
|11Fantasy |12Warez,|13Ink.
|07The Lord's Brothel - IGM for Lord
|15Chasity belt, Treasure chests, and
|15have fun with Girls/Guys
|15The Most Configureable IGM out there
|14 COMPLETE RE-WRITE (05/30/95)

Size: 50K
Downloads: 254
[*=--LoRD eXPLoReR! v1.00a: LORD IGM--=*]
The Ultimate Lord IGM! This IGM is a.....
IGM Expander (up to 90), IGM Randomizer,
Horse Stables (buy, sell, or win), hidden
keys, and much more!! **All for FREE!**
This IGM has been in development, & beta
testing for over 2 months! Bugless!
From Mullins Software, (1-918-457-3453).

Size: 150K
Downloads: 234
Lester's Palace IGM for Legend of the Red
Dragon. New IGM Put it on all LORD's.

Size: 32K
Downloads: 206
-=Lets Have Fun! v1.8 LORD IGM=-
Copyright 1994-95 Chad Schwartz
All Rights Reserved
This is a LORD IGM that I think
your users will LOVE! There is a
few hidden things, so I hope you
like them!

Size: 30K
Downloads: 228
HAUNTED HOUSE: A great IGM (In Game Module)
for LORD 3.5+. Search the Haunted House,
find gems, and meet ghosts. Will you brave
staying at the house overnight? Doing so
just might protect you from your enemies.
Free REGISTRATION until November 1, 1995!

Size: 115K
Downloads: 203
LORD Hunter v1.01 -- LORD IGM
Looking for a cool IGM for LORD?
Then look no further, you have it!
LORD Hunter is an IGM for LORD,
and it's FREEWARE!

Size: 281K
Downloads: 234
-=Lord Life V1.18 and up=-
A LORD IGM created at The Arctic Era
BBS at (604) 852-1447 by Trevor Kooy. NEW
RELEASE FIXES some problems with file sharing,
great new config! Adds a whole new dimension
to your game. You can chat at Trisnics
tavern, joust with your horse, kill a lord
enemy for good, gamble your money, more!

Size: 74K
Downloads: 263
-=Gump's Magic Shoppe/Lord Looks IGM v1.20=-
This IGM allow you to have 1 - 999 different
looks, or scenarios availible for your LORD
(Legend Of the Red Dragon) players to choose
from!! - Keeps you game from getting boring!
This version is a _TOTAL_ re-write, extremly
easy to use, and maintain! Now has support
for seven different files: LORDTXT, LENEMY,
.DAT files! Many features & only cost $5.00!
From Mullins Software, BBS: 1-918-457-3453!!

Size: 29K
Downloads: 249
Larissa's Lair: A great IGM (In Game
Module) for LORD 3.26+. Meet the beautiful
Larissa. With her help, you just may be
able to kill that nasty dragon!

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