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The marketplace has many outlets. Which way do you go from here?

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Lord 4.07 Lord2 1.02 Planets: TEOS 2.01b

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Size: 48K
Downloads: 256
|04 Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ ¿ ¿
|15 (C) Neo-Gen 1994
|15 v0.2a

Size: 38K
Downloads: 230
The Hidden Door Creations Presents:
The Lordhint Sheet On-Line Viewer 2.2
Lordhint Sheet On-line Viewer is For Wildcat!
4.12+ in wcCODE. It Allows you to view lord-
Hint with a few extra features like:
* Colorized
* Menus with use of Arrow key/Normal Keys
* Users can Add/View hints
* Lord Can be run from Within Scores can too!
* Highly Secure SysOp menu (Nice Features)
Lordhint Can be Registered at these places:
The Hidden Door BBS (805)836-9162 (HOME BBS)
The DarkRoom BBS (618)345-3663 REG/Supp/dist

>Description by DIZ Wiz v2.21 [UNREGISTERED]

Size: 13K
Downloads: 232
[[ >> lord igm randomizer v1.01 by jp // ]]
____ ____
_______| \______________________| \_
\_______ _ _______ _ _ |\
| | | _| | | | |bL
|______ |_______ |_____|___| |_|

Size: 188K
Downloads: 251
Legend of the Red Dragon Monster Editor
for Windows 95/NT4 1.02
for LORD 3.20+
Accurate Color done for you, Increase Monster
Difficulty, or just colorize them.
By: Doug Blatherwick

Size: 14K
Downloads: 227
LmonEdit v1.0 Lord utility
Lord monster editor.
Black Dragon Software - Steve Gargolinski
bdsoft@hotmail.com -- http://bdsoft.cjb.net

Size: 12K
Downloads: 242
** LordMenu ver 1.21 **
Creates a nice looking Other Places menu.
Can display up to 40 IGMs per screen
instead of the 20 LORD allows.
Has RIP support (sysop selectable)

Size: 29K
Downloads: 236
Legend of the Red Dragon Monster
Editor 2.51 for LORD 3.20+
The most powerful Monster Editor available.
Accurate Color done for you, Increase Monster
Difficulty, or just colorize them.
By: Doug Blatherwick

Size: 57K
Downloads: 248
Lord No Cheat ver. 3.0 - Utility for
LORD 3.55+. Will penalize users for
staying at a high level for too long.
Keep them from ruining the game for
everyone else! Registration is only
$5.00! Highly configurable!
NEW This Version: MAJOR Bug Fix!
Adds To Daily Log! Better Searching!
Editor! Better Display!

Size: 54K
Downloads: 224
LNETFX: FX System Sound for LORDnet
LNETRIP.DAT replacements for LNET12x
and LNET14x that add RIP 2.2 Sound!
Including Color Corrected Icons for
From Midnight's Realm (505)254-9415

Size: 90K
Downloads: 266
LordNews v0.2 - Lord News bulletin creator utility.


>By Kevin Foster

Tired of all those annoying Programs that Claim to Allow the User to
Create News Bullitens for Seth Able's L.O.R.D. and automatically put
them in the game, but DON'T WORK? Easy solution! GeT L-NEWS!
Extremely Easy Configration-Allows you to Enter up to seven random
bulletins that come up randomly! Can set up lots of properties.
Comes (ALMOST) set up! Also Includes a few special add-ons that will
improve your LORD even more! A MUST for ANY sysop with L.O.R.D.
Created by Kevin G. Foster
The Luxor BBS - (403) 271-5135 Update: Feb 19, 1996

Size: 149K
Downloads: 273
LordNet Key Generator Utility
For LordNet v1.40n. Owned by Michael Preslar.
Email: mpreslar@mailcity.com

Size: 11K
Downloads: 280
Looker is a simple program that lets you
randomize the overall look of Seth Able's
Legend Of the Red Dragon.
It supports up to 30 menu files and 30
monster files giving you 60 different
Brought to you by Prosys Software


Size: 43K
Downloads: 253
Looks ߲۲
Editor v0.1

'95 Neo-Gen

Size: 61K
Downloads: 231
MTelnet with a LoRD2 list of boards!
Listing of boards in the iBBS LoRD2: CNW network.

Size: 9.0K
Downloads: 229
[ LordAdd Version 1.0 ]ͻ
This is a small utility to add on
to Lord color coded Log and Conver-
sation files from Dos. FREEWARE!
[ Empire Software ]ͼ

Size: 5.0K
Downloads: 234
LordBackup, By Bryan Rittmeyer
This cool little FREEWARE util
backs up your PLAYER.DAT file
for you.

Size: 17K
Downloads: 231
LordBull v1.7! For L.O.R.D. v3.20+
Create 9 exciting new bulletins for LORD! Includes an
exclusive "Ultimate" Bull. By SOS!

Size: 37K
Downloads: 237
This is a good lord addition for those
you know who are bored of the old LORD
and would like a change. It changes
screens, enemy names, and things which
people say after they die! Very
colorfull! Hope you like it! Designed by
the sysops of the Arctic Era BBS at (604)
852-1447 Shawna Fountain A.K.A Trisnic,
and Craig Obery A.K.A WOLF! with some
extra help by Trevor Kooy A.K.A Al'lan

Size: 124K
Downloads: 237
LORDCNG is a utility
for L.O.R.D. to randomize
the menus and monsters
in the game based on the
time of day! Make your
L.O.R.D. better than you
ever thought possible!
From Stone Dagger Productions

Size: 23K
Downloads: 223
LordCops v1.5! For L.O.R.D. v3.20+
Police that patrol your Lord Game! Prostitution arrest,
assault & battery, etc! By Sons of Salami!

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