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Size: 27K
Downloads: 172
PLAYTEXT v1.1 - a command line utility
for LORD! This unique utility lets
you change virtually anything in LORD's
PLAYER.DAT file from the command
line. Freeware from SocraSoft!

Size: 54K
Downloads: 168
Parting Shots is a door that allows
users to leave a message for the next 7
callers. They can leave it in color if
they wish using LORD style color codes.
Uses the same registration key as
Socrates' Shop. Shareware from

Size: 21K
Downloads: 181
Que's LORD Monster Editor (SMALLER ARCHIVE)
Que's LORD Monster Editoris (probably) the
first such program written for MS Windows. If
your BBS is running under Windows, or if you
maintain your system from a Windows workstation,
then this program will give you one less reason
to drop to DOS.
This archive does NOT contain VBRUN300.DLL or
COMMDLG.DLL which are available from most BBS
systems. Bitmaps and install program removed
for quicker DL.

Size: 460K
Downloads: 181
Que's LORD Monster Editor is (probably) the
first such program written for MS Windows. If
your BBS is running under Windows, or if you
maintain your system from a Windows workstation,
then this program will give you one less reason
to drop to DOS.

Size: 105K
Downloads: 176
R3PMM - Version .09a - LORD UTILITY
Allows usage of more than 9 IGMS
at a time in LORD.
(Great GAME Seth!!)
Change your available IGMS on a
daily basis using this program.
Got more than 9 IGMS. Looking
for a solution for your users
being on for too long in the one
game. This utility will allow the
sysop to make use of as many IGMS
as he likes, while limiting the
quantity of them daily. Every day
NEW IGMS can be presented to your
users as they are rotated through
the system. CHECK IT OUT.
Written By Hansen Systems/Sven Hansen

Size: 60K
Downloads: 154
-=-= Random Lord v1.1 =-=-
Chooses a random LordTXT.dat
and Lenemy.Dat file at Lord
Statup. Never have the same
Setup each time you play! use
up to 99 LordTXT and Lenemy
files each!! By: David Corona

Size: 30K
Downloads: 173
*** RandomMenu v1.0 ***
RandomMenu is a great program that
will select a random LORDTXT.DAT and
LENEMY.DAT file each time it's run.

And best of all it's *FREEWARE*

Written in QBasic 4.5 by Jay Moock

Size: 13K
Downloads: 159
The Monster Randomizer for LORD - The Monster
Randomizer will allow SysOps to take the
standard LORD monster data file, and make
easy changes to these monsters, creating a
NEW monster data file. Seth Able's monsters
will be switched, so the next time the
program is run the original monsters have the
chance to get back into the game.

Size: 9.0K
Downloads: 159

Size: 36K
Downloads: 175
(BGM) Random Scenarios For LORD 3.26+
Randomly Select Scenarios/Flavors Before
The Game Loads. Quick Configuration.
17 Jul 1995 By Ron Dean (Freeware)

Size: 11K
Downloads: 171
| |
|RecDecom - LORD II REC Decompiler 1.0.0|
| - Accidentally delete your REF Source?|
| - An otherwise good REC bugging out? |
| - Want to index a REC to speed the |
| game? |
| |
| If any of the above are true, RecDecom|
| can solve the problem. Given a LORD II|
| REC file, RecDecom can restore the |
| original REF. RecDecom is NOT intended|
| as a pirating tool. |
| |

Size: 14K
Downloads: 161

Size: 15K
Downloads: 167

Size: 28K
Downloads: 173

Size: 45K
Downloads: 177
RHP Toolkit v1.0

Size: 82K
Downloads: 165
RHP Toolkit v1.2 LORD Utility Package
Contains RHPTest v1.2 and LordType v1.2
For Testing RHP Scripts written for
The Gateway, L.O.R.D. Cavern, or The
Outlands Tavern LORD IGMs, created by
Jason Brown. LordType is a text file
viewer that handles LORD color codes.

Maintained by Donald Tidmore.
Email info: jmbrown@pcisys.net,
ktidmore@bellsouth.net. Freeware.

Size: 53K
Downloads: 176
-=-=-=-=RIPPED FX v.10=-=-=-=-
FX Sound System RIPs for use
with RIPPED! by Sharkware.
RIP and FX Sound for ANY DOOR!
Includes RIPPED!.ZIP with a
selected collection of FX RIPs
Both RIP 1.54 and 2.2 formats!
FREEWARE by Mike Collard
and SHARKware
Midnight's Realm (505)254-9415

Size: 20K
Downloads: 176
-=# Random Lord Looks v1.10a; LORD Add-on #=-
Randomly picks from 1 to 100 different
LORDTXT.DAT and LENEMY.DAT files. Set 2 Dir.
name & your done! Automatically detects # of
LORDTXT/LENEMY files are in the directory!
Meaning you don't have to tell the program
how many LORDTXT/LENEMY.DAT's you have!!
This version has been totally recoded!
By Ed Mullins, Mullins Software. Only $3!

Size: 139K
Downloads: 166
RANDMON v3.00 for LORD v3.26
BackAlley Software presents: A utility to change out your
LORD monsters as you wish. Includes 600+ monsters and
MONEDITR... a monster editor for editing the data files...

Size: 82K
Downloads: 225
LORD utility to randomly select IGM's
This utility will randomly select IGM's and
rewrite the 3RDPARTY.DAT file each and every
time LORD is run...

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