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Size: 21K
Downloads: 194
-=-=- MonsText v0.5á for LORD -=-=-
LORD enemy file<--->text converter.
It takes the LENEMY.DAT from LORD &
changes it to a text file. You make
changes in ANY text editor, & make
a new LORD enemy file! FREEWARE!
-=-= A new release from pHsoft =-=-

Size: 16K
Downloads: 207

Size: 19K
Downloads: 202
MonEdit v2.0! - Lord Monster editor.
For L.O.R.D. v3.20+ The most powerful Monster Editor available. Color
done for you, Increase Dungeon Difficulty, 110% Compat with LordMon!

Size: 14K
Downloads: 196
Monster Report for LORD. ver 1.0.
Creates a ASCII report from a data file monster.

Size: 14K
Downloads: 189
³ Û LORD 3.20 Û ³
³ Monster Editor! ³
³This lovely utility allows you to edit every ³
³aspect of every monster in Red Dragon v3.20! ³
³When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! So, ³
³you don't like the name of a monster or what it ³
³says when it dies, change it. With this file ³
³you have control over all of the monsters in the³
³game! Customize your game of LORD today! ³

Size: 137K
Downloads: 200
|01 RaySoft Software Proudly Announces
|03Motley of Screens v1.0 for LORD! Randomly
|04displays up to 100 of your LORDTXT.DAT and
|05LENEMY.DAT files so that you can add some
|12spice to your LORD game!
|15Share Ware -- Registration only $2.00!

Size: 80K
Downloads: 209
Author: Robert Cummings
Lord 2 Utility
Yet another little tool to help in the
creation of Lord II worlds. This utility
is the second part in my project to create
my own world. What you ask does it do?

Well as you know Seth Able (the orginal Lord
II world and REF engine designer made a nice
little engine to read REF files; however,
Seth really sucked when it came to structure
(sorry Seth but it's true). So what I have
done is created 2 programs to aid in the
quicker and clearer design of REF files.

These programs are shareware and to register
them both you should feel inclined to send me
a whole $2 bucks. If you don't then you're a
cheap ass and you will never receive the
version without the startup timer! The
sample IGM included with the package is
entirely free. Feel free to use it however
you please, but DO NOT distribute it
individually. The example MOUND.REF was
entirely created using MParse.exe. To see for
yourself type "MParse.exe MOUND.LST MOUND.MEF
MOUND.REF". This will cause the parser to
create MOUND.REF using the information in

No elements of this package may be
distributed indiviually. In otherwords
MReplace.exe may not be separated from the
package and distributed individually. You may
not attempt to reverse engineer or in anyway
alter the binary code in order to alter it's

This material is copyright (C) of Robert
Cummings AKA |\/|ortal. To send me my $2
bucks mail your cheque or money order to:

Robert Cummings
4-52 Maclaren Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0K4

I can also be reached at my e-mail address
(for bugs or stuff):


Do not send cash... cash will be pocketted
and you will not be sent the registered
version. Sorry but your names will be
encrypted into the registered versions and to
do that I need some kind of evidence of who
you are. Note that MParse uses a couple of
the temporary player long integer variables
to aid in it's math. You should not attempt
to use `p29 or `p30 since using them may have
undesirable effects. It's a small price to
pay for the power of the new language.

Size: 41K
Downloads: 238
<<< MailSpy for L.O.R.D v1.1 >>>
Government breathing down your back?
Have players with foul mouths? This
may be the util for you to easily
keep tabs on what is going on inside
your games or just mess with your
players heads! Enjoy!
-=-=-=-<< ChasWare (c)1996 >>-=-=-=-

Size: 85K
Downloads: 176
MailSpy 2.0 - Now supports Lord, DogWorld,
GuTTeRBoWL and ROK !!! An easy to use
interface for the monitoring or editing of
all written comunications in the games that
are supported! Able to leap Lantasic net-
works in a single bound! The Lord module
is completely functional in the unreg
version, the rest are read only. Cheap!!!
Only $6 bucks! ChasWare (c) 1996

Size: 227K
Downloads: 180
Multiple Backgrounds for LORD!!!
³ This file will fully explain how to ³
³ have an awesome custom LORD game by ³
³ allowing your users to choose what ³
³ kinda look they want to be playing ³
³ in! Check it out, it's KeWL!!! ³
'95 Neo-Gen

Size: 163K
Downloads: 290
MZK LORD 5.5 - Great Addon For LORD 3.26!!

Add NPC's To Your LORD Game, And Much More!!
* Burning Town * Tax Collector * Dirty Deeds * NPC's In Forest
* NPC's Marry And Flirt! * NPC's Interact And Converse With Humans!
* Humourous Sayings, Events, Names, Etc, Etc * STOP PRESS! Feature
-Adds More To The Game * Visits From Gods * NPC's Progress Through
Levels And Ultimately Slay The Dragon!!! * NPC's Rob The Bank (Without
Fairies :) * And A Whole Heap More That You're Going To Have To See
FREEWARE- An MZK Product (C)Copyright 1995 Matt Marlor
An MZK Product (C)Copyright 1995 Matt Marlor

Size: 39K
Downloads: 218
IGM Circ (New Other Places) v1.0 Limited. By Curtis Vargo. Allows the sysop
to circulate his/her IGMs for LORD. FREEWARE!!

Size: 5.0K
Downloads: 176

Size: 68K
Downloads: 290
NPCLord v2.90 for LORD v3.20+
NPCs can now do EVERYTHING that Humans can
do! EVERYTHING! AI mail, up to 150 NPCs,
NPCLord is 100% configurable!
[www.lordlegacy.org/elysium] Elysium Software

Size: 84K
Downloads: 211
NPCLord v2.8! For L.O.R.D. v3.20+
NPCs can now do EVERYTHING that Humans can do!
EVERYTHING! AI Mail, up to 150 NPCs, NPCLord
is 100% configurable! By SOS!

Size: 30K
Downloads: 191

Size: 19K
Downloads: 214
Lordtxt.dat with one less Keystroke
For LORD 3.53+ This .dat file changes
the Weapon and Armor - Buy Menu -.
By removing one less keystroke
to buy your Armor and Weapons.
Your players will love this.

Size: 46K
Downloads: 219
OtherPlaces v1.10
by Manning of Elysium Software
OtherPlaces is a clone of the
Other Places menu in L.O.R.D.
It allows you to install and
run Win32 IGM's with your DOS
L.O.R.D. game(s). FREEWARE

Size: 26K
Downloads: 177
"Smart" program will clean up directories
cluttered with IGM leftovers and leave
only original LORD files. Will not disrupt
current game in any way other than in the
removal of IGM files and subdirectories.
From the family of Flying Pig products.

Size: 20K
Downloads: 206
pakLORD 1.0á - Program for Legend of the Red Dragon that
packs the player data file for speed and size. Another FREE
L.O.R.D. utility by Retro Software Designs.

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