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The marketplace has many outlets. Which way do you go from here?

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Size: 7.0K
Downloads: 190
-=-=- LordText version 1.1 -=-=-
A quick and easy utility for
displaying sansi (Seth Ansi, or
` coded files).
-=[ FREEWARE ]=-
Tech'N Software Lloyd Hannesson

Size: 12K
Downloads: 184
LORD Player Deleter v1.0. Delete those
already "deleted players" completly
from your PLAYER.DAT file. This even
correctly renames the MAIL??.DAT files.
!!FREEWARE!! By Lazor Software

Size: 10K
Downloads: 204
L.O.R.D. RANK v1.0 - Ranks players in
multiple games making a single ranking
list. Brings competition between each
separate LORD game making it more fun!

Size: 222K
Downloads: 209
LORDCNG is a utility
for L.O.R.D. to randomize
the menus and monsters
in the game based on the
time of day! Make your
L.O.R.D. better than you
ever thought possible!
From Stone Dagger Productions

Size: 16K
Downloads: 216
LORDENMY v1.1 -=-FREEWARE!-=- Improved!
A new way to customize your Legend of the
Red Dragon door! Now you can edit the
LENEMY.DAT file and add all-new monsters
to LORD. Also views all existing monsters.
Easy to use, no setup required, just place
in LORD directory and run it! FREEWARE
from Clothing Optional Software.

Size: 27K
Downloads: 176
-=-=-=-= LORD FX: v.1.11 =-=-=-
-= Add SOUND to LORD! =-
Replace the LORDRIP.DAT with
LORDRIP.FX and give RIP 2.2
callers 16-bit Stereo Sound in
Legend of the Red Dragon!
Doesn't effect ANSI!
by Mike Collard (505)831-0797

Size: 39K
Downloads: 205
LORDGIFT v1.1 - LORD add-on utility.
Runs from nightly maintainence to
give each of your players a gift.
Gifts range from gold to skill points
to sex changes to bonus weapons/armor.
7.5% chance of LOSING from 10 to 50%
of your gold. 92.5% chance of a free
bonus for your charactors.
Phaze Software home BBS:
Chaos' Cavern 14.4 502-333-5570

Size: 11K
Downloads: 180
[ Lord Igm Manager V 1.0 ]ͻ
This is a full featured manager
that will do everything you will
ever need to do with your Lord
Igms! FreeWare with $1.00 Reg!
[ Empire Software ]ͼ

Size: 12K
Downloads: 188
** LordMenu ver 1.30 **
Creates a nice looking Other Places menu.
Can display up to 40 IGMs per screen
instead of the 20 LORD allows.
Has RIP support (sysop selectable)
Lloyd Hannesson -=- dasme@dasme.org

Size: 35K
Downloads: 203
LORD Monster Expansion, v1.2
Add custom monsters to Legend of the Red Dragon, version 3.20a!
Not just another monster editor, this allows you to increase
the number of monsters in your game. Add, Edit, Delete, Export,
and Import monsters. Newest version includes duplicate checking
upon importing monsters into your database!
Developed by TC Software Shareware $3.00!

Size: 7.0K
Downloads: 174
[ LrdView Version 1.0 ]ͻ
This is a small utility to display
Lord Color Coded files in color.
[ Empire Software ]ͼ

Size: 79K
Downloads: 198
LORD Scenario Driver v1.0 LORD BGM.
Before Game Module for LORD 3.26a. Allows
Users to Select different scenarios for
their LORD games. A must for any LORD game.

Size: 14K
Downloads: 170
LTYPE v2.00 for LORD! Ŀ

Now you can add to the conversations
in the Tavern and Inn? Now you can!
LTYPE also has support for other
add-on's that use the same format
as LORD. *!* FREEWARE *!*

Size: 40K
Downloads: 193
L.O.R.D. User Access Utility v1.12 (LUAU)
LUAU is a utility that limits the play of
L.O.R.D. by non-subscribing users to the
BBS to the unregistered version of L.O.R.D.
Subcribers or donators play the registered
version. Simply enter a value for the
security code above which can play the
registered version.
Copyright John A. Tucker 1996

Size: 3.0K
Downloads: 176
LORD 2 MapSwap Example .REF v1.01
This is a .REF than contains an example
of how to swap MAP.DAT & WORLD.DAT files.
This will let you use more than the 1600
map squares that LORD 2 is limited to.
Now works with unregistered LORD 2
Author : Jay Weber
(C) 1997 ShroomTrip Software
E-Mail: elric@innocent.com

Size: 148K
Downloads: 181
MEDITOR (Version 1.4) by |\/|ortal
World and Item editor for Lord2
Lord 2 is a trademark of RTSoft

Size: 47K
Downloads: 196
Allows an unlimited amount of IGM's to
be added to your LORD game! Now makes
a log of games played, and does the
task of moving the lines from the Lord's
3rdparty.dat file to the igm.dat file!

Size: 36K
Downloads: 218
MLEdit v1.0 - LORD Monster Editor
for Legends of the Red Dragon door game. Allow you to change
the monsters anyway you want! FREEWARE! by Retro Software Designs.

Size: 42K
Downloads: 182
Magic Map AWGS/LORD II Map Editor
Author: Phillip Pearson
E-Mail: philnz@ibm.net
The map editing program for AWGS which is
behind the exciting new adv game (coming
soon) from Alphawave Software. The basic
version is freeware! It will load and save
AWGS (.MAP) format maps, and will import
LORD II maps.

Size: 50K
Downloads: 208
Dragons Breath Prod.
Multi-Monster Changer .02
Change Sets of 131
Monsters! Install program, and
4 great sets already included

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