Legend of the Red Dragon - Converse with the Patrons
I dont think there is any real game play here :(
spoiled by graphics!
A walk in the forrest yields a severed head
dream master
dreamland.darktech.org with LoRD 4.07 Win32.
Mr X
How do you play haven’t seen this game in 20 years
Sinclair Maximus
Hah! You got fooled!
Sinclair Maximus
There is no game!
Sinclair Maximus
Its dead now. All in your memory
Sinclair Maximus
But it has been revived!
Sinclair Maximus
Legend of the GREEN Dragon
Ahh damn, wanted to play. Used to wake up before high-school for LORD
how do I play LORD in dosbox
Just finish reading Ready Player One and it made me nostalgic. :-)
Can this still be played?
Don't Think so, most of the stuff is broken...
Tis hot
dream master
i want to port my igms to win32. what doorkit d32or manndoor?
Tis time to slay....................
I still have my original copy and Wildcat BBS. Anyone interested?
email F L A G donkey@ G mail. com
(L)ogin to add to the convo
(Q)uit to main
The "Converse with the Patrons" board does allow SANSI codes. However, it is not a place for BBS advertisements, or talk that's unrelated to LORD. Anyone caught advertising, or talking off-topic will be banned from the board.
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